Essentials for the perfect bar cart

Bar Cart

Mid-century modern design remains a hot trend in home decor, and with that comes the return of the bar cart. A timeless and exciting way to display your favorite spirits, glasses, and other accoutrements, a bar cart adds an instant garnish of Mad Men-inspired whimsy to a space. There is a certain amount of craft that goes into putting together a bar cart, however; here are the essentials to perfecting yours.

The top shelf is for liquors. The foundation of your bar cart’s contents go somewhat ironically on its top shelf. This is for ease of access, not to mention looks—a well-arranged collection of liquor bottles can give your cart a sophisticated look. Choose your liquors based on your personal preference, as well as versatility. The wider the variety of drinks you can make with your selections, the better your cart will be suited for parties.  Buy bigger bottles of the liquors you like and smaller ones of the kinds you do not enjoy as much—your guests will thank you for the options.

The bottom shelf is for mixers and other drink options. Seltzer, sodas, juices, and the like should be placed on the bottom shelf of your bar cart so that they are relatively easy to access without distracting from the beauty of the cart as a whole. Other kinds of alcohol, like beers, vermouths, and bitters, should go here as well. Stocking this bottom shelf with high-quality products ensures that the flavor of whatever you’re drinking is at its best, and also make your non-liquor drinking guests feel taken care of, as well.

Choose your glasses wisely. An elegant set of glassware is key to the perfect bar cart. At the same time, an expensive set can make you fearful to use it. After all, you don’t want an accident to happen. Rest assured, stylish yet affordable sets are available, so go with the one that fits your personal taste and needs.

Buy only the tools you need. Displaying too many gadgets on your cart makes it look unnecessarily cluttered. Instead, invest in only the ones you need, for the drinks you make the most. Jiggers are essential for properly measuring proportions for cocktails; a paring knife perfect for cutting garnishes. Corkscrews and bottle openers should be conspicuously placed to allow your friends to help themselves.

Fill in the blanks with your “pantry.” Keep some food on-hand, both for garnishing your drinks, and as a snack. Jarred cherries, olives, and onions look great on your cart and really can make a drink complete. Salty dry goods complement alcoholic beverages superbly, and can be consumed in a flash, so stay well-stocked on things like nuts that guests can partake in freely.

Think beyond the bar. Who says you need to use your bar cart for alcohol? You could use the cart as a coffee station, for example, and equip the cart with your coffee pot, beans, mugs, and the like. Or perhaps you need more storage space for your printer and office supplies? A place for your house plants? The possibilities are endless!

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  • July 25th, 2016
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