Fun ways to pick a vacation destination — at random

Fun ways to pick a vacation destination at random

Do you find that there’s a routine to your vacations and that you’re doing the same thing year after year? Such a cycle can be broken with a little random chance. Below are five different ways you can add a random element to the destinations you travel to this year.

Throw a dart. Ah yes, the classic way to pick a location at random. Pin a world map to a cork board, making sure that the map is taut against the surface of the board. Then, sharpen your old set of darts (they’re around somewhere) and take aim. Better yet, don’t take aim, but do practice safe dart-throwing technique. Throwing darts is actually a bit harder than the pros make it look, so it may take a few tries to get your point to stick.

Use the Random Point Generator. If you don’t have darts, a map, or the space to safely throw a dart, you could always go digital. This Random Point Generator lets you choose any geolocation in the world without the risk of anyone losing an eye. If choosing any point in the world is a little too random for you, you can input restrictions based on distance or part of the world.

See what’s on sale. Speaking of going digital, there are a number of ways you can utilize the web to pick a vacation at random. Travel deal websites like Orbitz and Travelocity have daily and flash sales regularly, giving you an opportunity to save some cash while going to a destination you hadn’t thought of before.

Take an internet quiz. There are plenty of “Which Vacation Should You Take Next?” quizzes available out there, and one quick search can bring you to all of them. Take one and see where it recommends you to go. Or, take several and pick the destination you like best (we promise not to tell anyone!). Many of these quizzes have totally random questions that seemingly have nothing to do with your vacation preferences, so you can feel confident in their chaos.

Pack up and go! This could be the most serendipitous way to choose a random vacation. Opt to travel light by packing only the essential clothes and toiletries you need, then head over to the airport. Don’t try to pack for every kind of climate, just buy what you need when you arrive at your destination. See which flights are leaving that day, and pick the one you like best. It might be a dream trip, or just one that was more affordable than you first expected. No matter what criteria you’re following, make sure you leave yourself enough time to not only get to your terminal, but to also book a place to stay before your flight takes off. The last thing you want do is wander around a new place, luggage in hand, searching for a hotel to take you in. Scheduling your flight like this preserves both the randomness of the vacation with the level of comfort you deserve.

Geographic Midpoint Calculator [GeoMidPoint]

  • February 16th, 2017
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