Gear to keep you going in your summer workout


It might be easy to talk yourself out of a run when it’s cold and rainy outside, but as soon as the warm summer months roll in, that cozy bed just won’t hold quite the same appeal. You’re going to actually want to roll out of bed and get after those miles—or that yoga sesh or that bike ride. But if you plan on doing it outdoors, warm weather does bring its own set of problems. So stock up on gear that’s not only functional for the heat, but actually Insta-worthy, like some of the picks from this summer-centric list.

  1. A bomb outfit. Who says you should have to sacrifice your #OOTD post in the name of fashion? Piece together a cute outfit that can also stand up against the heat. Start with shorts—depending on your preferred style of exercise, they should be either lightweight running shorts with a breathable inner layer built right in, form-fitting yoga shorts drenched in sunshine-y colors, or bike shorts with plenty of padding for your bum. Add a breathable top that wicks sweat away from your body, and opt for a bright hue. There’s no better time than summer to rock some neon. Absorbent, comfortable socks, sweat-wicking sports bra and underwear, and a set of activity-appropriate sneakers should complete your look.
  2. Mesh-y sneaks. Speaking of sneaks, you deserve an upgrade in honor of the summer. See Twitter and Instagram for trending kicks, then pick a breathable pair from this summer’s color palette of electric blues and neon pinks. Consider kicks that have a mesh upper layer, as this will allow your toes to keep cool while you run or spin.
  3. A solid set of sunnies. You don’t have to settle for the same style of sports sunglasses your dad probably wore on family vacation—sporty sunnies have gotten much cooler. Take these Seacliffs sunglasses, for instance. They’re light enough to remain comfortable throughout your workout, but sturdy and powerful enough to stay put and protect your eyes.
  4. A SPIbelt that says “‘Merica.” If you want to take your phone and I.D. with you while you work out—and you really should—then invest in a SPIbelt. These subtle little pouches strap right around your waist and pull a reverse Mary-Poppins-bag, expanding to fit everything you could possibly need to take on a run. They come in a huge array of colors and patterns, but the red, white, and blue beauty is the perfect way to prove to other runners that you’re a patriot without saying a word.
  5. Sunscreen you can’t sweat off. In addition to taking plenty of water breaks, protecting your skin should be a major component of your summer workouts. Since you can’t exactly cover up in the excessive heat, at least slather your skin with a powerful sunscreen. According to a dermatologist and the experts at the Environmental Working Group, there are a few parameters for a good sunscreen. First and foremost, they should contain a safe sun-blocking agent such as zinc oxide. Second of all, they should protect against both UVB and UVA rays, but not offer more than SPF 50, since it’s really impossible to guarantee protection any higher than this threshold.

With these components tucked safely away in your closet, you’ll be ready for a sweaty outdoor exercise sesh before summer even officially begins.

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