Mason jar organization 101

Mason Jars

The mason jar might be the most versatile object in your home. From being used as drinkware, to baking, to holding DIY candles, they are really a must-have utility item. But one of the best ways of putting these handy jars to work is by using them to organize stuff. For some simple ideas that can get you started with bringing mason jars into your organization efforts, take a look at this helpful guide.

Tidy up your pantry. If you buy things like sugar and flour in bulk, you may find your pantry filling up quickly. But by implementing some mason jar organization, you can remove these bulky bags from your main pantry, replacing them with mason jars that hold only as much of the ingredient as you need for a set period of time. As your supplies start to get low, you can refill the jars from the bigger containers.

The smaller version of mason jars can also be used to store your spices. spice containers. Mason jars are clear and can be easily labeled using tape and marker. You could even go so far as to create a spice rack, cutting spaces for the jars in an old shelf or other piece of wood.

Label your herb garden. If you enjoy growing your own herbs in a container garden, why not use mason jars rather than the usual flower pots? The jars will make your herbs more portable, allowing you to move them in and out of your kitchen as you need them. On top of this, it’s a quirky and fun way to show your herbs off.

Store those bathroom basics. Instead of keeping your cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup brushes in the medicine cabinet or scattered on the counter, organize them accordingly into the jars. Similar to the previous spice rack idea, you can attach them to a rustic-looking piece of wood and hang it in your bathroom to bring some functional style to your space.

Give crafting tools a home. If you’re artistically inclined, it can be a challenge to keep your materials organized. But by using a few jars for your brushes, yarn, and other easily lost items, you can make them more accessible, allowing you to keep your workspace clean. Keeping your space free of messes allows you to spend more time being creative, and less time rummaging around for the tools you need.

Store matches in a cute way. It’s always handy to keep matches around to light candles, but have you ever thought about bringing those matches into your home décor? Just get some “strike anywhere” wooden stick matches, a piece of sandpaper and a pair of scissors. Cut the sandpaper so it fits in the lid of the jar and place the matches inside. Dress up the jar by adding a bow made of twine and a label and you have something useful and stylish at your fingertips.

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