Phone photography tips to make your instagram pop

taking a photo on phone

Taking and posting pictures on social media is a fun way to share moments in your life. Not only that, it can help you express your creative side. If you’re finding that the stock filters and settings for the photos you take leave something to be desired, you’re not alone. The guide below has some helpful tips that will ensure your next batch of photos pop with clarity.

Clean the lens. This might sound too simple to be useful, but the truth is a smudged lens can ruin any photo. When your phone is in your pocket or purse, the lens gets exposed to all kinds of dust and lint, not to mention the constant threat of fingerprints. Use a soft cloth to clean the lens; do not use any kind of abrasive cleaner, which could cause permanent damage.

Bring things into focus! Every photo should have a main subject, and that subject should be seen very clearly. On a normal camera, you would have to bring the subject into focus in a somewhat manual manner, but on a phone, it can be done with a mere tap of the screen. Tap on the area of the screen where your subject is, then wait for the camera to adjust automatically. After this, you should be able to see your subject in more vivid detail.

Manual exposure is your friend. One of the beautiful things about a camera phone is that it has the perfect blend of automatic and manual features. While it’s probably easier to use an automatic focus, your pictures will look much better when you adjust the exposure manually. Each phone has a different method for doing this, but what you should know is that increasing the exposure makes the photo brighter, while decreasing it makes it darker. By experimenting with this, you can create some artful shots.

Choose not to zoom. The zoom feature in your camera app seems like it could be useful, but it can actually kill the look of your photos. The reason why is because of the kind of zoom it is — digital. With a digital zoom, the quality of the photo degrades as you zoom in. Instead of doing this, opt to either get closer to your subject, or take the photo as a wide shot, then cropping to just the portion you want.

Test out other camera apps. Depending on the kind of phone you have, the standard app that works with your camera might not give you enough control to really get creative with your shots. Look in the applications store for a third-party camera app like Camera FV-5, Focus and Camera 360, which have more features to help you take better photos.

Use a photo editing app. There are several apps, like SnapSeed or Photoshop Express, that can make your photos look even better after you’ve taken them. Download the one that suits you best, then spend some time learning its ins and outs. In the long run, you’ll be able to shoot and edit photos on-the-fly that are sure to get more likes and shares!

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