5 Tips to Pick Your New Coffee House

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Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up for many people. It’s a tradition; a reason to take your morning selfie; an opportunity to show off your barista’s latte art on Instagram. If you’ve just moved to a new city and haven’t found a go-to java joint for your daily coffee run, follow our tips for picking a cafe that fits your tastes:

  1. Start in your favorite neighborhood. If you’re too new to have a favorite neighborhood, ask a local for hers. Simply take a stroll around the community. You might just stumble upon a small, independent coffeehouse. Most trendy neighborhoods have at least one—if not a few. Land on the kind of vibe you want before going for your walk. Do you want small and homey, chic and urban, or big-chain and frill-filled? That choice should probably influence which neighborhood you survey, too.
  2. Ask about the beans. It’s not just your taste buds that decide your coffee order. Your heart and brain should, too. If you’re passionate about creating a world in which your children’s children will still be able to thrive, find a cafe that serves sustainably grown coffee. If you believe in putting only the best stuff into your body, opt for an organic coffee shop. If you want to make sure your coffee was harvested in an ethical way, and that field workers were compensated fairly, then look for “fair trade” on the cafe’s website, storefront, or menu.
  3. Wi-Fi—yea or nay? If you’re just running into a coffeehouse to grab a quick cup to-go, then it really doesn’t matter if it offers free Wi-Fi. But for those who work remotely or need Wi-Fi to study, this should be a consideration before you hunker down for the day. Most coffee shops will let you know up front that they have free Wi-Fi, but it’s not always on their website. Check out their Yelp page if you can’t figure it out—whether or not a spot has Wi-Fi is a fact included in the list that runs along the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Scour social media. You can always trust your friends to have a few recommendations, probably for just about anything. But since coffee is particularly hip these days, you’ll likely find a glut of Instagrams and Facebook posts on the subject without having to look very hard. Stalk your friends’ photos for pretty coffee pics and make note of the geotag. Start with friends who have tastes similar to your own, as they’re more likely to find a coffee shop that’ll work with your lifestyle. 
  5. Consider crowds. When you’re already running late for work, your stomach sinks the moment you spot a winding coffee line. If you typically have time to spare, don’t let this be a deciding factor. But if you’re the roll-out-of-bed-as-late-as-possible type, then try to gauge the foot traffic at a cafe before making it your home base. If you’re really in love with a coffeehouse that draws a huge crowd, try to plan your visits around peak times.

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