DIY Your Way to a Fabulous New Apartment

Turquoise paint with rollers

It’s important to check off the basic essentials when hunting for a new apartment. You go through the usual list: What’s the square footage? Is heat and hot water included? Laundry in the building?

While all of this is certainly crucial, AVA Theater District has way more to offer than just the bare necessities.

You’re looking make a statement, to leave a stamp on the place you call home. AVA wants to help you create a living space that looks and feels uniquely personal. At 45 Stuart Street, you won’t be penalized for a little paint or a bit of rearranging; in fact, it’s encouraged!

Not only is AVA giving you the go-ahead to be creative, they’re providing you with a few handy tools to get started. AVA Theater District offers their residents decorating DIY kits to kick-start your projects. A new apartment might mean some new furniture to complement the space, and we bet some of that furniture requires a bit of assembly.

If you forgot to pack your toolbox, the DIY kits have you covered. From wrenches to flathead screwdrivers, whatever you need is in the kit. Reach for the hammer and get out that stud finder! Your walls could use a little adornment. And if those walls are looking one-note, you’ll also find an array of paint swatches to choose from in the kit. Pick a wall and give it a bright wash of color, no restrictions whatsoever!

The DIY kit is, of course, just one great way to customize your apartment to suit your preferences. You’ll also notice the “Apartment I.D.” on your front door; slide in a picture of your mischievous kitty, your niece in her recital outfit, or an original piece of artwork. Inside, the chalkboard wall serves both your practical and aesthetic sides. You’ll even be able to tailor your closets and gear wall to meet your specific needs!

AVA encourages you to be yourself when you walk through that front door. Who better to assemble your dream apartment than you? Contact the crew at AVA Theater District now to learn more about what makes their apartments stand out from the rest.

Image: Flickr