What Does Your Apartment Style Say About You?

Apartment living room

The way you decorate and maintain your apartment says more about you than nearly anything else in life. That may sound drastic but the way you decorate, the cleanliness you exhibit, and the overall vibe of your apartment influences how people think of you. It’s one of many moments people have to judge you, whether they know they are doing it or not.

Once you decorate your apartment it becomes a part of how people perceive you. It’s where you invite your dates, friends, family, co-workers and countless others you’d like to make a good impression on. Your apartment is the place where you can be alone with your thoughts, spend a lazy day with someone you care for, or have a bunch of friends over. In short, it’s a place where you are the spotlight.

The second a person walks into your apartment it becomes a quick snapshot of your life and an extended look into your livelihood. This isn’t because of where you live or how much money you make, but rather what you’ve shown you can do with what you have. If you have a chic, fun apartment, then you’ll have all of your friends wanting to come over. After all, no one likes coming home to an apartment they aren’t proud of. So a poorly furnished, undecorated unit with dirt piling up everywhere will affect your mood and make even the closest of friends limit their appearances to few and far between.

The right ambiance also sets the tone for everything going on around you. It makes people feel welcome and sends a powerful statement about who you are. A great looking apartment shows how well put together you are and how much pride you have in not only your apartment, but yourself as well.

It all starts with apartment cleanliness –an essential habit to have for you apartment living space and your apartment community at all times. This is the basis of what you want people to see about you as it speaks volumes about who you are in your work, social and home life. Whether people admit it or not, cleanliness is one of the first things everyone notices. It may not be fair, but there’s a reason no one played with the dirty kid in kindergarten.

The decor of your apartment’s living room and bedroom is the next thing your apartment says about you. It gives people insights into your personality and a glimpse into what you are like behind the scenes. This is also where you get to show off what you think is cool and what you like. Whether it’s a sofa, TV, throwback artwork, vintage table, pictures, extensive music collection, vintage music collection, or an overall theme to your room, it tells people what you like and what interests you.

Beyond your decorating skills and overall cleanliness, your apartment is your home and a mirror to your personality. It’s likely where you spend a lot of time at and a place where nearly all decisions are yours. There’s no struggling with bosses, family members or friends about what you do. This time it’s all you and everyone knows it.

Your apartment lets you set the tone for how you live and how you choose to take on every day. So what does your apartment say about you?