What does your scooter say about you

Scooter Personality

Maybe you thought the scooter craze died when Razor scooters faded out around 15 years ago, but it really just went dormant for a while. Over the past couple of years, scooters have made a comeback in a big way—and not just among kids. Adults are getting in on the scooter fun, too—you may be one of them. The foldable, portable mode of eco-friendly transportation may not look quite as cool as a real set of wheels, but it’s definitely at least a notch above rollerblading. Wondering what your scooter says about you? Read on for some insight.


  • If it’s a shade of neon…then chances are you’re oozing with confidence and don’t like to shy away from attention (as if an adult steering a scooter down the sidewalk didn’t already draw the eye). A bright, splashy scooter hints at a love of being noticed, Snapchatted, and potentially even Instagrammed on a really good hair day. Tassels, decals, and any other frivolous embellishments also land you in this category.
  • If it’s mostly used for tricks…then you might be having a hard time letting go of your childhood. But really, there’s nothing wrong with flipping and ollie-ing your way to work if it makes you happy. It’s better than walking into oncoming traffic playing Pokemon Go. Side note: do not scoot and play Pokemon Go.
  • If you and your BFF have matching ones…then you may be too close. Or maybe you both just bought them together in middle school, right at the peak of the Razor craze. Either way, anyone willing to buy a coordinating scooter is obviously a loyal friend, so pat yourself on the back. Then text your bestie and tell her to come over ASAP; it’s time for a scooter-led adventure, a much more worthy use of time than just another Friday night happy hour, anyway.
  • If it coordinates with your favorite outfit…then you’re a dedicated fashionista who’s unwilling to sacrifice style in the name of a smooth ride. Scooting is an individual journey; no one can tell you not to wear your favorite flats while you glide. But if you really want to get into the scooting spirit, donning a pair of JNCO jeans or cargo shorts might be more appropriate. Just a tip.
  • If it dates back to your middle school days…then you’re equal parts thrifty and nostalgic. After all, why would you invest in a brand new, shiny scooter when you have one from the early 2000s that works just fine? Especially if that George W.-era scooter happens to have some nice childhood memories attached to it? Don’t listen to the haters; your old school scooter simply says that you appreciate the past (and saving a few bucks).

So the next time you think about hoofing it to work or catching an Uber to happy hour, take a second to reconsider. Maybe your scooter is actually a better option, not just because it’s eco-friendly, but also because it’ll help you make an entrance worthy of a viral video shoot.