The Absolute Best Sushi Spots in Los Angeles


A slab of raw or cooked fish or shellfish, a clump of seasoned, vinegar-covered ginger, and a smear of wasabi—what could be simpler? What other food so elevates the senses while transforming the simple act of eating into something approaching the sublime?

Sushi is by some estimates the most widespread style of food in the world at the moment. Nowhere else in the United States, since it was first introduced in the late sixties, has sushi been embraced like it has in Los Angeles. Read on for a sampling of some of L.A.’s finest sushi joints and get the best fresh seafood that the city has to offer.

Sushi Gen

Beginning with the mainstay, this little joint in Little Tokyo consistently draws crowds, filling to capacity at lunch with a sashimi special that has to be experienced to be believed. However, there is much more beyond the lunch special here; sit at the sushi bar or order from the menu, and a world of profound delights opens to you. The expansiveness of their nigiri and sashimi offerings is near legendary.

Kiriko Sushi

A westside Japan Town favorite, this little joint located on Sawtelle Boulevard serves up excellent nigiri alongside some very inventive dishes that incorporate elements of both sushi and kaiseki cuisine. However, they are primarily known for their omakase sushi offerings. It’s a great spot to visit if you happen to be on the westside, and a great regular spot for those living in the area.

Sushi Zo

This minimalist space, with its decorative mix of whites and grays, allows the diner to fully concentrate on the food in front of them (or their companions). This is a great thing, as the nigiri and sashimi offerings at Sushi Zo are worthy of intense concentration. You will want to revel in the texture and flavor of some of the best fish being served anywhere in the city. It can get a bit pricey, depending on your taste for unique and rare fish or the cuts of fish that you order. But, if that’s your thing, then this sushi-only restaurant might be just the place for you. They now have a second location open downtown, as well.


Are you looking for the most authentic multi-course kaiseki dinner in the area? One where the appetizer course alone features multiple traditional and innovative takes on sushi, and is followed by course after course of the most sublime food you are likely to ever get the opportunity to eat? Kiyokawa serves such a dinner, and they offer fresh, real wasabi to order, as well.

A Wealth of Sushi Choices in LA

If you’re into sushi, and chances are good that if you’re living in Los Angeles you are, you now have a couple of new spots to check out. Whether you’re prepared and willing to make the journey to some of the more far-out spots in the strip malls of the San Fernando Valley and south of the city, or you’re going to play it safe in Little Tokyo, get out there and get to eating some amazing local seafood!

  • June 30th, 2016
  • Posted in: Avalon