5 Holiday Gifts you can give that aren’t things


Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful all on its own, but if you’re part of a big family or friend group, figuring out where to fit all of your gifts might be just as taxing. Not only that, do we really need more stuff? Studies have shown that the gift giver and receiver are happier when they get fewer objects and more experiences. Consider switching up holiday gift-giving this year and doling out one of these experiences instead of things.


  1. Classes. Maybe your significant other has recently mentioned she wants to learn how to home brew. Or perhaps your sister loves a local Italian restaurant and always wanted to be able to cook that way at home. Beer-brewing lessons, cooking courses, and other classes and workshops are a great idea for gift recipients who love to learn new skills.
  2. Membership. If one of your best friends loves doing yoga or spinning, but you know she’d never splurge on a membership to a boutique fitness studio, the holidays are the time to treat her. Or perhaps your parents love a local museum and always want to check out its new exhibits. Buy them a year-long membership to the museum. There are many different types of memberships that could make for a thoughtful, unique holiday gift. Just consider how the recipient likes to spend his or her time.
  3. Event tickets. Concerts, food festivals, plays and musicals—no matter where you live, there’s probably always something new to do. Scour the interwebs for upcoming events nearby that some of your family or friends might enjoy, from a summertime wine and food festival to a reunion tour by a band they loved when you were in high school. If you do buy tickets to a special event, get at least two (one for you and your friend, or your friend and their significant other) so that the gift recipient won’t be left enjoying the musical stylings of a retro band all by their lonesome.
  4. Season passes. Sports lovers will be thrilled if you invest in season tickets to their favorite team on their behalf. But you can also buy passes to a nearby garden, an amusement park, or a season-long pass to a public pool. If they love the arts, consider giving them season tickets to a local theater. Season passes are the gifts that keep on giving, long after the holidays have come and gone.
  5. Date night or family night. Sometimes, the best way to let someone know that you care is by simply taking the time to come up with a series of activities tailored specifically to them. This could mean seeing a holiday show and grabbing a bite to eat at an upscale restaurant. Or maybe it means taking the whole family to an indoor rock-climbing gym and then hitting up your favorite burger joint or local pizza place. Regardless of the night’s actual events, planning a special trip is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. And your significant other or family members are likely going to remember the experience for much longer than they would remember a new gadget or piece of clothing.


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  • October 30th, 2017
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