5 Must haves for apartment pets

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On a broad scale, all pets need love, attention, and care from their owners. But apartment pets, in particular, need a little something extra. The main reason for this is that apartment pets typically do not have as much living space available to them as non-apartment pets do, and owners may need to make more accommodations in order to maintain harmony in the household. As a pet owner, start with the five items below, and you’ll be well on your way towards ensuring your pet stays happy and healthy in your rental.

  1. A comfy bed. Just as humans need a sanctuary, somewhere they can go to get away from it all (if only briefly), so do pets. Now, you don’t need to go out and purchase a queen-sized mattress for your pet, but you should create a space where they can go and relax. A dish-style dog or cat bed is a good start, as it provides all the room they need to lounge, sleep, and hang out, with low walls for a touch of coziness.
  1. Fun, engaging toys. Work hard, play hard, right? Pets don’t have to punch the clock every day (or any day for that matter), but the need to blow off steam remains. Toys engage the body and mind of your pet. And when they’re engaged with soft, squeaky, or chewy things, it can reduce the risk that they’ll wreak havoc on your furniture or designer-label shoes the next time they’re bored.
  1. Yummy treats. Want to train your pet? Treats are essential to the process of positive reinforcement, best summarized as “rewarding for good behavior.” Beyond that, treats can serve as a bribe when you’re in a pinch. If Fido is being stubborn about getting off the couch, perhaps a meaty snack might help him see your side of things.
  1. Safety gates. Sometimes, your pet just needs to get out from underfoot or be confined to one part of the apartment. Baby gates are perfect for this. They particularly come in handy during housetraining, when potential messes can be relegated to an area that is easy to clean up, like the kitchen.
  1. Slipcovers. Sometime during all that shedding, scratching, and roughhousing, your furniture starts to look a little worse for wear. Keep it protected by investing in slipcovers. Not only do slipcovers guard your couch and chairs against damage, they’re good for people with pet allergies because they’re machine washable Bonus: They’ll help make an outdated sofa look fresh and modern.

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  • July 25th, 2016
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