5 simple decorations to celebrate spring

simple decorations to celebrate spring

With spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to pack away that parka and break out the rain jacket. As you switch over from your winter wardrobe to lighter spring ensembles, you should also shake up the decor in your apartment to reflect the shift in weather. Forget spring cleaning — do a bit of spring decorating with the help of these DIY home decor ideas.


  1. Spring Wreath [Positively Splendid]
    Even if you’re not a crafter by nature, you’ll be able to follow the simple steps to create this cute spring wreath. It’s basically just a matter of gathering the supplies — a grapevine wreath, fake flowers and leaves, your last initial as a metal letter, and a hot glue gun and wire snippers — and then putting everything together.

    Start by removing the faux flowers from their stems and hot-gluing them into an arrangement along the wreath that you like, then add a few leaves. Glue on the letter and add a string to hang the wreath on your door.

  2. Flower Chandelier [The Sweetest Occasion]
    If you want to bring the flirty and feminine vibes to your apartment, this flower “chandelier” will certainly do the trick. Although it looks like it would take hours to assemble, you can actually crank out this craft in about 30 minutes after you get all of your materials together.

    Start by covering a 10-inch embroidery hoop in your favorite washi tape. Then trim the leaves and thorns from a bunch of flowers with long stems until about four inches of bare stem is exposed. Use a needle to pull clear thread to the end of a stem, affix it to the embroidery hoop with a double knot, and continue until beautiful blooms drip from your entire hoop. Then you’re ready to hang it and enjoy!

  3. “Happy Spring” Chalkboard [Making Home Base]
    If you have nice handwriting (or a friend who does), you can create this sweet and simple piece of home decor. Head to your favorite crafting shop and find a cute chalkboard to hang on the wall of your entryway or living room. The size and shape don’t really matter, just as long as it fits in your space. Then simply scrawl, “Happy Spring!” across the chalkboard in pretty script. Add some floral embellishments if you’re artsy.
  4. DIY Brushstroke Coasters [Sugar and Cloth]
    Thanks to the return of seasonal fruits and veggies, your salads get much prettier in the spring and summer months — shouldn’t your table settings, too? When you create these DIY coasters, even your coffee table will look like a work of art.

    A word of warning: these coasters are a bit more labor-intensive than the other crafts, but they’re well worth the effort. First, roll out a sheet of air-drying clay with a rolling pin. Next, use a round biscuit cutter to create small circles. Let them dry for up to two days. Then paint the coasters a base color of white or gray and add colorful brushstrokes in springtime hues like soft pink and sparkly gold.

  5. Spring Wallflowers Sign [A Beautiful Mess]
    If you really want to spell out your enthusiasm for the season, this floral sign that simply states “SPRING” ought to do the trick. You use a heavy foam or lightweight wooden board as the foundation, gluing the wooden letters to plug caps first, and then to the board. The space in between the letters and the board you can fill up with the faux blooms from fake flowers using your hot glue gun. Use a piece of twine to hang.



  • May 24th, 2018
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