5 Things to get for a special Valentine’s Night In

Fancy apartment dinner

If the idea of dressing up in uncomfortable clothing and braving a crowded fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day sounds like torture to you and your significant other, don’t worry. There’s an alternative: just stay home. Snuggle up in something cozy and enjoy the company of your sweetheart in the comfort of your own apartment. Just stop and grab some of these items first to make it the perfect night in. 

  1. Ingredients for a fancy dinner with cocktails. Bacon-wrapped scallops. Perfectly seared salmon. Chocolate-covered strawberries. All of these dishes spell romance when they’re crafted by you, with love. So instead of going to the fine dining restaurant, bring the haute cuisine to you. Plan a romantic, multiple-course meal featuring your favorite eats or special gourmet dishes—and don’t forget to throw a Valentine’s-themed cocktail into the mix. If you and your significant other enjoy cooking together, make dinner a joint venture.
  2. Your favorite board games. If your shared love for friendly competition brought you and your partner together, then it makes total sense to plan a game night for Valentine’s Day. Round up your favorite two-player games and settle in for an evening of fun with a few glasses of your favorite wine or a growler of craft beer. Feel free to throw some video games into the mix, too, especially if your current console can handle the vintage games that you both grew up playing.
  3. Romantic movies. The Notebook. Titanic. Pearl Harbor. The list of romantic modern-day epics is endless. That’s not even taking into account old school classics, from Casablanca to Meet Me in St. Louis. So you have ample options when it comes time to designing a romantic movie marathon for your Valentine’s Night In. Pick your faves from either category and kick back with your boo.
  4. Candles, flowers, and other classic touches. If none of these V-Day plans sound quite right, you can always go back to basics. Bring home a beautiful bouquet of long-stem roses, a box of fancy chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a few candles to set the tone for the evening. Don’t feel like making dinner? Pick up some takeout, too, for a stress-free evening.
  5. Artisan hot chocolate or coffee. When the frosty air nips at your nose and the sky clears to reveal a sea of sparkling stars, that is where true romance is born. That’s why, regardless of how you spend your Valentine’s Day evening, you should end it with a round of stargazing and a warming cup of your favorite coffee or hot chocolate. Bonus points if you actually head outside to check out the night sky (but you can just crack a window, too).

 With creative date-night ideas like these in mind, you’ll have your significant other making eyes at you all night long this Valentine’s Day—even without the fancy night out.


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