5 things to remember when throwing a party using apartment amenities

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If your apartment doesn’t have quite enough space to throw a birthday bash, shower, or a holiday party—at least, not of the magnitude you’d like—then your apartment community might have an alternative. Many complexes offer an event space that you can use for a small fee. If you have a pool, that might even be available for a private bash. If you do decide to host your party in one of these shared spaces, here are five things that you should remember.


  1. Reserve an event space well in advance.
    First things first: figure out where you want to host your party. If your apartment community offers a few options, see if you can schedule a tour or check them out on your own to choose the best space for your big day. Then inquire about how to reserve the room, whether it requires a rental fee or simply a signed agreement, and set your rental in stone a few weeks in advance.
  2. Consider doing light cooking on-site.
    Most in-building event spaces will have a small kitchen, or at least a kitchenette. So if you plan on serving a few hot appetizers, think about leaving some of the cooking until the afternoon of your bash. It may be easier to bring the ingredients right to the space than transport hot food from your apartment up a few flights of stairs. Your building may also have barbecue stations where you can grill up some fresh food on a warm summer’s night, the perfect addition to your party spread.
  3. Know the restrictions.
    Does your building’s event venue have a limit as far as how many people it can comfortably (or safely) accommodate? Are there restrictions regarding alcohol? Ask your apartment’s management staff about any rules regarding the space before the day of your party so that you can plan accordingly.
  4. Be considerate of your neighbors.
    When you ask for those guidelines, chances are the management staffer will make mention of noise level and timing. Remember that just because you’re spending the evening at a big bash doesn’t mean your neighbors should feel like they are, too. Keep the noise level to a minimum and heed any requests from neighbors to bring the volume down even further if it’s a problem. Also make sure that you stick to any building rules regarding the end time of your bash.
  5. Go easy on the decorations.
    Even if you’re allowed to hang decorations on the walls—and you may not be—you still probably want to avoid it. The decor for your party should be simple and easily set up an torn down. At the end of a long evening, the last thing you’re going to feel like doing is popping a bunch of balloons or straining to reach a web of streamers. When you’re entertaining in a common space, less decor is more.


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  • September 1st, 2018
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