5 tricks that will make your party the one everyone remembers

party everyone remembers

If you’re planning a party at your home, then you already know that a lot goes into planning a big bash. From the menu to the decor, all of the puzzle pieces must fit together perfectly in order to pull of an awesome event. But the added touches are what will really solidify your status as a prime party host. Here are five tricks that will have your guests talking about your party long after the last cocktail is served.


  1. Send out paper invitations.
    With today’s technology, paper has all but become obsolete. Most of your guests will expect to receive an invite via Facebook or email. Surprise them with a bona fide piece of snail mail. Whether you pick up a large set of simple invites at the craft store or order customized invitations online, your friends will be tickled to receive a paper invitation. It’s an element of the pre-party that they probably won’t forget.
  2. Stick to a theme.
    Instead of making your theme “booze and food,” get a bit more creative. Come up with a fun theme that reflects the occasion, the season, or your own personality. Then mold everything around that theme, from the invitations to the decorations to the drinks. Get your squad in on the action by inviting them to dress up according to the theme.
  3. Greet guests with welcome drinks.
    Forget the party punch. It’s time to take your party cocktail game to the next level. Choose a signature cocktail or a preferred bottle of wine and have a few glasses chilled and ready to go when your guests arrive. Either serve them personally from a cute tray, or set the serving platter by the door with a note instructing guests to grab a drink after they get settled.
  4. Buy everyone’s favorite treat.
    Is there a bakery in the neighborhood that crafts locally famous cinnamon buns or a sports bar nearby known for its awesome wings, feel free to outsource some of your party grub. Delight your friends by setting out a plate of the popular local treat to enjoy during the party. Not only will this make the entire party meal prep process easier for you, it’ll also leave your guests chatting about what a great host you are.
  5. Invite folks from different friend groups.
    Mixing friends from different walks of life may seem stressful, but as you get older, your guests’ ability to mix and mingle will improve. In fact, they’ll probably appreciate the opportunity to meet some people who have different points of view and experiences than they do. In order to make a memorable party, invite folks from work, from your childhood, from your book club — feel free to mix things up. Then encourage everyone to mingle with guests they’ve never met before. If you think your friends might need a little help, plan a quick ice breaker.


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  • May 24th, 2018
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