5 unique summer picnic decor ideas

bright colored dishware and summer food

The warm weather brings the feeling that anything is possible — well, at least in terms of entertaining outdoors. Picnics are great opportunities to get together with friends and family to celebrate just about anything, and hosting one can be a lot of fun. If you’re interested in creating an atmosphere guests will remember, you’ll need decorations that stand apart from the rest. Below are five decor ideas to get you started. We think they’re unique enough to give any picnic a little extra panache.

  1. A fruit theme. When deciding on a color scheme for your picnic, look to seasonal fruits for inspiration. Watermelons, berries, lemons, and limes have those fun, vibrant colors that will really help catch the eyes of your guests. Go a step beyond and serve the fruit that inspires you, either as an appetizer or dessert. When everyone can see the connection, they’ll definitely appreciate it.
  1. Tie-dye blankets and tablecloths. Speaking of vibrant colors, make sure your linens fit the color scheme. White blankets or tablecloths can look bland, so instead, go DIY and dye them with your chosen colors, tie-dye style. The patterns that result will bring a playful and pretty vibe to your get-together. You can carry that theme through to other aspects of the party, like the music, for example. Play some tunes from ‘60s and ‘70s bands to really get into the spirit!
  1. Colorful tableware. A picnic doesn’t require your finest flatware. Instead, let your tableware show off the food served in the best way possible. Use plate colors that will contrast against what you’re serving, and utensils that complement the plate color. Keep in mind not to use the same exact color for either of these things and the tablecloth (or blanket, depending on your seating situation). You don’t want your guests to find that their setting is camouflaged!
  1. Washi tape accessories. Washi tape is amazing because it comes in so many different patterns and colors, which makes it perfect for decorating just about anywhere. Hang up some homemade washi tape garland, or use a small piece to hold the napkins and utensils together. There are so many different kinds of projects you can do with a roll of this pretty tape, so do a little research to find the ones that will work best for the aesthetic of your party.
  1. A cheerful pinata. Forget your average party favors. Bring everyone back to their childhood by hanging a fun pinata on a tree in the area of the party. Place it towards the entrance to welcome guests to the festivities, while also piquing their interest about what’s inside. As far as that goes, you don’t have to settle for the sweets — you can get a little adult with it. Fill the pinata up with liquor-infused candies, airplane bottles of spirits, or any small treat designed for more sophisticated palates.


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