6 fitness apps that track Everything

man with smartphone exercising on treadmill in gym

You used to have to actually hire and pay a personal trainer. Nowadays, you can just download one. There are a slew of smartphone apps (most of them free) that do the same work as an actual personal trainer, but you can just close them out when you’re done with your workout. If you’ve resolved to get in shape in 2016, download one of these fitness and wellness apps to get started.

  1. My Fitness Pal. Tracking calories in and calories out has long been the most reliable, effective way to lose weight, but it’s also one of the most cumbersome. Unless you download My Fitness Pal. While other tracking apps are limited when it comes to their database of foods, My Fitness Pal has more than five million foods to add to your diet log. You can even import a recipe from your favorite food blog, and My Fitness Pal will break down the ingredients.
  2. Endomondo. Whether you’re walking or running, biking, or cross-country skiing, Endomondo will keep track of how many miles you traverse, how many calories you burned along the way, and even your average speed. The fitness app not only keeps you in the loop while you move with audio updates every mile, but also logs away your exercise data when you’re moving outdoors, and lets you input your own workouts at the gym. Sync it with MyFitnessPal to incorporate your diet into your workout plan.
  3. CARROT Fit. There’s no better motivator than a virtual personal trainer who calls you a “meatbag” or pokes fun at your “flabby carcass” during a workout. The hilariously insulting app offers workouts that incorporate moves like “Celebrity Face Punches” and rewards you with cat facts and other offbeat “prizes” when you reach a fitness goal.
  4. RunKeeper. If you’re more traditional when it comes to exercise, then maybe you just need an app that will track your runs—cue RunKeeper. This app uses the GPS on your phone or Apple Watch to keep track of how long and how fast you’ve run, and it also offers pre-designed routes if you don’t have any inspiration for a running path this morning. Use the Goal Coach to set goals and map out your progress, or try one of the running plans to get closer to a half marathon or 10k.
  5. Fitbit. Even if you don’t actually have a Fitbit, you can still make use of the mobile app on your journey toward fitness and health. You can still keep track how many calories you’re eating every day and how much you exercise, plus other health info like your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. These extra features could be helpful if you’re concerned about more than just your weight and fitness.
  6. Lose It! Lose It! syncs with RunKeeper, Fitbit, and other exercise apps to keep track of your calories in and calories out with greater accuracy. The app itself just logs your daily food intake, but it offers an array of metrics to help you assess how you’re doing, goal-wise. For instance, you can easily see how many calories under or over your “budget” you are when working toward a specific weight goal. Its simple, cute interface makes it somewhat easier to use than My Fitness Pal, though its food database isn’t quite as extensive.