6 spring cocktails you should try

spring cocktails to try

The arrival of spring brings with it blossoming flowers, sprouting herbs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a time to celebrate this natural bounty and the return of warmer temperatures. And what better way is there to do this than whipping up a batch of cocktails and sipping them with friends as the wind ruffles your hair? Try one of these six seasonally inspired libations the next time you host happy hour.


  1. Lemon-Thyme Vodka Lemonade [Town and Country Magazine]
    Fresh thyme abounds in the warmer months. You might even have some growing on your windowsill. Grab a sprig of that fresh thyme (if you have lemon-thyme, even better) and use it to garnish this sweet spiked lemonade. It’s a mix of lemon-thyme syrup, sugar, citrus vodka, and club soda embellished with the fresh herb and wedges of lemon.
  2. Gin and Grapefruit Fizz [Martha Stewart]
    The tart flavors of citrus also help to offset the bitter undertones of gin, particularly when paired with fresh English cucumber. This gin fizz from Martha Stewart highlights all three flavors. You begin by infusing your gin with muddled cucumber for at least 12 hours. Then simply combine the infused booze with grapefruit soda and ice, and enjoy!
  3. Cranberry Daiquiri [The Spruce]
    The spruce offers a fresh take on a tried-and-true classic, the daiquiri. It contains the standard rum, but with the addition of elderflower syrup, a blend of cranberry and lime juice, and a dash of tarragon, the mixed drink takes the concept of refreshment to an entirely new level.
  4. Tequila Honeysuckle [Town and Country Magazine]
    Anyone who spends most of the months between April and September outside will appreciate this cocktail, which is inspired by a flower that blooms in the wild: honeysuckle. A sip of the Tequila Honeysuckle will remind you of your childhood summers spent plucking the flowers and sucking up their sweet nectar. The only difference? This treat is booze — a mix of tequila, honey, and lime juice, to be more precise.
  5. Strawberry-Rhubarb Sangria [Martha Stewart]
    Strawberries are in-season starting at the end of April, so this sangria is a great way to celebrate the return of this favorite fruit. The base for this sangria is pretty standard, a blend of sparkling wine, OJ, water, sparkling water, and sugar. But the add-ins include fresh strawberries and rhubarb stalks, plus the classic orange slices. Treat your friends to a pitcher of this spring-y sangria instead of heading out for happy hour.
  6. Cherry Blossomtini [The Spruce]
    Are you someone who likes to get a little artsy with your house-made cocktails? Then you’re going to love this pretty and sweet Cherry Blossomtini. It throws imbibers a curveball, using sake as the base for the drink. Combine it with orange liqueur, fresh or bottled cranberry and lime juice, and orange bitters. The beautiful pink cocktail looks even cuter if you serve it in a traditional martini glass with a small wedge of lime on the side.


Now that you have some ideas for fresh spring cocktails, it’s time to break out the cocktail classes and show off your mixologist skills!

  • May 24th, 2018
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