6 unique wreaths you can make yourself

candles and wreaths

DIY-ing pieces of holiday decor doesn’t just save money. It also allows you the opportunity to express yourself and put a personal touch on your decorations. Creating your own holiday wreath is surprisingly simple, and you don’t need to be a seasoned crafter in order to do it. Here are six unique wreaths you can make yourself, no experience necessary—and you might already have the the components at home!


  1. Cinnamon stick wreath. This unexpected wreath doubles as a festive air freshener, unleashing the warm aroma of cinnamon every time someone opens your front door. All you need are one or two bags of cinnamon sticks, a grapevine wreath to serve as your foundation, a hot glue gun, and ribbon or fabric for the final flourish.
  2. Glass ornaments wreath. Whether you want to go with classic red and green ornaments or mix things up with some pink and green, like this tutorial demonstrates, the bulbous glass ornaments you use to decorate your tree also make for a beautiful wreath. Start with a basic straw wreath and cover it with strips of felt, then hot glue an array of holiday ornaments, of all different sizes and colors, to the felt. The result will be a bold, beautiful wreath.
  3. Greeting card wreath. After many years of receiving holiday cards, you’ve likely amassed quite a collection. Chances are they sit idle in a box throughout the year, maybe even through the holiday season. Put them on display with this unique wreath. You start by cutting your old cards into the shape of holly leaves using a stencil, then affixing them to a Styrofoam wreath.
  4. Cookie cutter wreath. Don’t be fooled by its name; there’s nothing cookie cutter about this wreath. It just uses actual cookie cutters to create a one-of-a-kind piece of holiday decor. Star-shaped cookie cutters come together with simple paper clips and red twist ties, then a flourish of evergreen sprigs adds the final touch to the top. Feel free to use other festively shaped cookie cutters to make this wreath, too, like Christmas trees or holiday ornaments.
  5. Jingle bell wreath. 100 mini jingle bells create the shiny, musical body of this cute, quaint holiday wreath. It begins with a wire clothes hanger, which you shape into a circle, then wrap with craft wire. Thread your bells along the craft wire until you fill up the entire wreath, and add final touches like a felt bow or a cluster of holly leaves.
  6. Family picture wreath. A great way to deck out your home for the holidays and put your family’s best holiday memories on display is by making this photographic wreath. Simply purchase a wire wreath and print out a collection of black-and-white snapshots of your family, spanning the years and generations. Hot glue them directly to the wire wreath for a show-stopping craft.


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