7 Things to do if you don’t have a Valentine

Friends eating dinner together

For those in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can’t come soon enough. It’s a solid 24 hours of being showered with chocolates, flowers, and extra affection. But the celebration does leave out those without a valentine. Instead of wallowing in your singledom this year, reclaim Valentine’s Day by enjoying one of these activities solo or with a group of single friends. 

  1. Binge-watch sappy movies. One of the perks of being single? You’re totally in charge of the remote. Don’t let anyone else influence the list of over-the-top romcoms you line up for your Valentine’s Night In. Consider a common theme, like only movies starring Ryan Gosling or those that feature an international backdrop.
  1. Spend your V-Day savings on you. When you don’t have a Valentine, you also don’t have the expenses that come along with a Valentine—like buying a gift or splurging on a fancy dinner. That’s means you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket come February 14. Hang onto it until the 15th and buy all the discounted Valentine’s Day candy or buy that expensive handbag you’ve been drooling over for months. You deserve it.
  1. Treat yo’self to some pampering. A trip to the spa might feel indulgent on your average day, but on Valentine’s Day, no length is too great to go to show yourself some love. Treat yourself to a trip to the spa, complete with a lavish massage, a mani-pedi, a facial, or a combination of any of the above. You’ll leave with that loved-up glow about you, no valentine necessary.
  1. Round up other singles for Galentine’s Day. Chances are you’re not the only one in your group of friends who will be spending V-Day without a significant other. So instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, celebrate Galentine’s Day. As its name suggests, this holiday honors the bonds between women. Wine and snacks are a must (and maybe one or two of those Ryan Gosling movies).
  1. Spread the love by babysitting. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, it’s the perfect time to show your parent friends some love by offering to babysit for them. Pick a pair who rarely gets time alone, let alone a night out, and offer to babysit pro bono so that they can go on a romantic date. They’ll get some grown-up time, and you’ll get the giggles that come with hanging out with little ones.
  1. Take yourself on a date. Perhaps you prefer to spend Valentine’s Day in self-imposed solitary confinement. If this is the case, do date night solo. Go grab dinner at your favorite restaurant, a book in hand, and then head to the movie theater to stuff your face with popcorn and watch whatever action film, chick flick, or thriller speaks to you this Valentine’s Day.
  1. Bake. Sometimes the best thing to do on a solo Valentine’s Day is just lean into it. Bake up 10 batches of your favorite cookies. Inhale them with a glass of milk or a glass of wine. Invite some friends over to help you eat the treats or hoard them all for yourself. This is your V-Day, after all.


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