6 Don’t miss activities before the end of summer


It seems like it just started, but summer is all too close to over. Don’t let this one pass you by without a moment you’ll look back on with joy.

Take a weekend road trip. Wherever you are, there’s a destination that’s just a bit too far to travel in a day. Maybe it’s the beach, maybe it’s a park or a mountain. Maybe it’s the world’s largest ball of twine. Before summer ends, just get in the car and go see it. Turn your next weekend into an adventure.

Do something messy. It’s easy to talk yourself out of things when you think about all the cleanup you’ll have to do later. For once, don’t let the mess stop you. Eat an ice cream cone with too many scoops. Play with kids, or like kids. Paint with something that requires a smock. Sculpt something out of clay. Find the freedom in the mess.

Watch a sunset with someone. Sit still, face west and just enjoy the view. Talk if you want, or just sit with a drink in your hand if you feel like it.You’ll thank yourself when it’s winter, and it happens before you get home from work.

Sit around a fire. You can go camping, or you can just find a fire pit. But there are some moments that can only be had by friends or family around a fire. Take the moment to laugh and tell a story. Roast marshmallows.

Meditate outside. Summer breezes are inimitable. The summer sun has a special feel. Before we lose it to autumn, spend 30 minutes just soaking it in. Relax with your thoughts and feel it on your face. Breathe in the summer and hold it close to you.

Get exhausted by fun. Pick a day to run around having fun. Go water skiing, hike a mountain, do something, anything physical and active, and not for the exercise. Recapture the best part of summer from your childhood — ending a day filled with nothing but fun, exhausted but with a smile on your face that won’t go away.

Now that you’ve checked out the list, get going! There’s not a moment to lose!