Five Hippest Neighborhoods to Live in: Washington DC

Washington DC has gained worldwide recognition as both the Capitol of the United States and international headquarters for Democratic practices, but less is known about the area’s booming metropolitan area. Over the past ten years, the city has seen a steady rise in population, with more and more families settling in the nearby neighborhoods. The Capitol is teeming with historical landmarks, museums and parks that make residency in the area enticing for both young professionals and growing families. Here is a closer look at the five hippest neighborhoods in Washington DC.

1.  Adams Morgan, Washington DC:

This culturally diverse area is very popular among young professionals and couples. The neighborhood boasts a highly educated population, with 7 out of every 10 adults in their mid-twenties or older having at least a bachelor’s degree. The area is dotted with welcoming coffee houses, eateries that specialize in international cuisine, and some of the most popular nightlife destinations in all of Washington DC. 18th Street is among the neighborhood’s busiest streets and is the location of numerous shops, restaurants and bars. Beyond the main streets lie peaceful residential areas perfect for families or young adults. Adams Morgan could be the ideal place to settle for anyone who prefers a balanced mix of an urban lifestyle with a small-town feel.

2.  Georgetown, Washington DC:

Located along the shores of the Potomac, this neighborhood is situated in Northwest D.C and is home to the historic campus of Georgetown University. The area has a rich history that dates back to colonial times as the port served as a bustling center for trade and merchant activity. Today, the neighborhood is full of college students and young families that enjoy local dining at upscale restaurants and bars. Moreover, nearby schools rich in tradition make the area a top destination for families wanting to stay close to intellectual activity.

3.  Dupont Circle, Washington DC:

A popular settling area for foreign-born singles, Dupont Circle is perfect for people looking to establish a life in America and eventually raise a family. Dupont Circle is also a very active area among single adults.. The neighborhood is occupied by a large percentage of renters and is also the location of numerous foreign embassies and art galleries. Public transportation and walking are the most popular methods of transport as many residents work within a few miles of their DC region apartments.

4.  U Street and Shaw Corridor:

A diverse neighborhood once the home of slave encampments and now on the brink of going hipster, U Street and the Shaw Corridor have transformed into a rapidly growing urban community that can be easily accessed by car or the Green Line Metro. The neighborhood is named after Robert Gould Shaw, the first American to ever command an all-black regiment. U Street/Shaw maintains this rich African American history with culture that can be seen and celebrated in Little Ethiopia or at the numerous live Jazz events hosted in the neighborhood. U Street/ Shaw has become a popular residential area for those with a passion for art, music and world famous chili (Ben’s Chili Bowl).

5.  Chinatown, Washington DC and Penn Quarter:

A neighborhood with many cultural ties, it claims home to the Verizon Center and the most densely populated area of Chinese Restaurants in all of DC. Chinatown has transitioned from an urban immigrant center to a promising young American sports neighborhood. Verizon Center opened a little more than ten years ago and is home to the Washington Capitals hockey club and the Washington Wizards basketball team. Both organizations represent franchises on the rise in an iconic sports town in the making. Avalon at Gallery Place is one of the latest apartment developments in this area and is aimed at potential residents looking for a well-rounded urban experience that includes good food and good sports.