Best finger foods for your apartment party

Friend Party

Whether it is for a housewarming, celebrating a new promotion, or simply a get-together among friends, apartment parties are where memories are made. But the scene would not be complete without great finger foods. Instead of having everyone sit down at one table to eat a full meal, a wonderful way to keep the good times rolling is to serve substantial snacks – finger food, if you will. This way, everyone can move throughout the party and mingle with whomever they want at any time. It helps the flow of conversation, and is a casual way of being a great host. Of course, this means going with a course of appetizer-type dishes that are more than just your average chips and dip. If you’re feeling stumped on what to have at your party, fear not! For some ideas on what to serve, check out this helpful list.

Caprese salad bites. The combination of basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomato is a fantastic light option to have on your party’s menu. Instead of serving on a plate, skewer these components together using a kabob or toothpick, allowing guests to take enough easily while making sure there’s plenty for everyone.

Meatballs. If you have ground meat and seasonings, you can make meatballs. Cook in marinara sauce for a traditional Italian take, or glaze them to provide more of an Asian flare. When served on toothpicks with the sauce of your choice, it’s the ultimate unfussy finger food, and there’s no need to worry about guests double dipping, either! If you have vegetarian guests, use the same things you would to make veggie burgers, season accordingly, then roll the mixture into balls instead of patties for a meat-free option that works just as well.

Taquitos. It would be a huge undertaking to set up a full-fledged taco bar, but these roll ups inspired by Mexican cuisine are perfect for adding a spicy element to your spread. Consider offering several versions, like chicken, cheese and beef, and topping them with guacamole and sour cream.

Mini sausages. Pigs in a blanket? Cocktail weenies? Whatever you call them, mini sausages are a fun finger food that many people love. Serve them with a homemade mustard or other sauce (one that doesn’t need to remain on heat) for a bite that will remain tasty throughout the party.

Cake pops. It’s always nice to have something sweet to finish things off. Cake pops are a super customizable treat that are also quite simple to make. Choose the cake mixture of your choice, and pair it with a frosting or coating recipe that pairs well with it. Then just bake the cake, cut it up, stick, and dip! Be sure to leave enough time for the pops to cool before the party so that guests won’t have runny coating getting on their hands and clothes (not to mention your furniture!).

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