Design a picture frame as a gift


Some gifts aren’t about the thing you’re giving, they’re about strengthening the connection between you and the people who matter. A picture frame, especially one holding a photo of a cherished memory between the two of you, can make an especially meaningful gift. There are a few routes you can take to create a picture frame that will be meaningful to both of you. They’re listed here, and for your convenience, they’re in order of effort.

Get it personalized

Sometimes it’s the thought and the light personal touch that counts. There are many sites like offering a variety of frames with simple customization. You can even get twin frames so you’ll have the matching one to remember each other by, if you’re ever far apart. Depending on how much you hem and haw over the message and font choices, expect to spend about 15-30 minutes placing the order.

Shop from individual artists.

With the onset of etsy, not only can you shop for frames in whatever shape and size you might imagine, you can do so while supporting an artist’s small business. You can find something that they’ve created or work with one of their artists who sell customized frames to find the perfect frame for your picture. Unless you get lucky, be prepared to dig: etsy has some pretty cool search tools, like searching by color, but with such a wide variety it can be hard to sort through and find what you want. If you finish shopping in less than an hour, you’ve done a pretty good job.

Go full DIY

If you have more time (and want to spend less money) there are a lot of blank picture frame tools out there. Everything from ones designed for kids (such as at Oriental Trading Company) to more sophisticated options for the Martha Stewart-minded. This one can get complicated fast: the world of DIY is pretty wide open. You’ll have to come up with or select a rough design, order supplies and get them — and that’s before you even sit down at a craft table. Expect to spend at least a few hours (not including waiting for glue and/or paint to dry.)

Think outside the frame

It doesn’t have to be square or oval. It doesn’t have to have matting. Sometimes the most fun and interesting frames push the boundaries a little to keep it interesting. You could even go 3D and make it a display case or shadow box. Or did you know people have made frames with moss in them? This is a world with 1000 ideas at your fingertips. It’s almost easier to get paralyzed by the many choices than stuck without one. There’s no time estimate on this one, especially if you go after those frames with moss in them. Just make sure to read the fine print on any DIY tutorials you seek.

  • November 9th, 2016
  • Posted in: Avalon