Dressing Up for Air Travel — Tips to Fly in Comfort

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Just the process of getting to the airport alone can be an uncomfortable, sweaty endeavor, between lugging your suitcase out of your apartment and scrambling to take off your shoes in the security line (and then rapidly get them back on without holding up traffic). You don’t want to make matters worse by wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting clothing that’s going to start rubbing you the wrong way as soon as you fasten your seatbelt. But then again, it may not be practical to run to the hotel and change from sweats to a cocktail dress the moment you land. So if you need to stay both stylish and comfortable the next time you fly, consider adding these simple pieces to your travel wardrobe:

  1. Leggings. Leggings have become the best friend of women everywhere over the past few years, particularly women who are always on the go. Equal parts fashion-forward and soft-stretchy, leggings are practically pajamas that also look cute. Invest in a thick, high-waisted pair for the airplane. They’ll not only let you curl up like a cat in your seat (if that’s your napping style), but also stave off the swelling that sometimes accompany air travel. Bonus points if you splurge for compression leggings, but a simple pair of running pants will do, too.
  2. Slip-on shoes. Whether you’re a fan of the laceless Keds, Toms, or cute, simple ballet flats, slip-on shoes are going to save you a lot of trouble. Not only are they much more comfortable than heels or wedges (without being quite as casual as your gym sneakers), they’re also easy to get on and off in security. Just make sure you wear socks with them (try extra-low-cut no-show socks for flats) so you won’t have to walk through the metal detector barefoot. This goes for men, too, who might want to try a pair of simple boat shoes.
  3. Layers up top. It’s hard to predict exactly how you’re going to feel once you’re up in the air. Planes have a reputation for being chilly, but if you’re on the sunshine side, you could find yourself sweating. That’s why you should layer a few pieces up top so you can ditch them as needed. Try a camisole or tank top as your bottom layer, a light blouse on top, and then a lightweight jacket. Add a scarf for some extra insurance against the cold. Men can layer a button-down with a jacket, too.
  4. Plenty of pockets. Pockets particularly come in handy when you’re trying not to check a bag—especially if you’re flying a budget airline. Many measure or weigh your carry-on and will charge an extra fee for anything they consider “oversized,” so it’s nice to have pockets where you can stick a wayward pair of socks or phone charger. Some clothing lines actually design pieces specifically for travel, like these ScotteVest jackets, zip-ups, and cargo pants. Splurge on one of the trench coats, and its 18 pockets will be able to hold almost your entire home office, including your tablet, cell phone, digital camera, and even a water bottle.

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  • September 23rd, 2015
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