4 ways to volunteer for a greener Earth

When you were a child, you probably knew it was Earth Day based on when you were required to plant a tree at school. As an adult, though, it’s easy to let this holiday pass you by without so much as a thought. That’s not to say you don’t care about the earth—chances are you’re already recycling, maybe even composting or using CFL light bulbs. But when this special day, one that thanks Mother Nature for all she does for us, comes around, it’s time to take an extra step. Spend this Earth Day making the world a little brighter (specifically, greener) by volunteering. If you aren’t sure how to get involved, here are four ways you can start your search for volunteer opportunities:

  1. Check out the EPA’s website for local opportunities. The Environmental Protection Agency is a good place to start whether you just want to learn a little bit more about Earth Day, current conservancy efforts, or find helpful links to Earth Day events and volunteer opportunities. See the EPA’s Earth Day events page for a link to a database of volunteer opportunities all over the country, courtesy of gov (search Earth Day and your location). You can also head straight to the source, earthday.org, to find other special Earth Day events near you.
  2. See Volunteer Match for earth-friendly options. If you don’t see an option close by that fits your skill set or interests on serve.gov, then head to Volunteer Match. This database pulls in volunteer opportunities year-round, all over the nation, so you can expect to find hundreds of options specifically for Earth Day. From fundraisers at local parks to river cleanups in cities, to straight-up celebrations of the planet, Volunteer Match promises tons of ways for you to get involved this Earth Day. Just search “Earth Day” and enter your location for even more volunteer opportunities tailored to you.
  3. Look up Earth Day events in your town. Even without doing a detailed search online, you might be able to find a volunteer opportunity that suits you if you just look at your town’s website or Facebook page. Most communities will be hosting their own Earth Day events, which will likely include a volunteering component. So do a quick search of what’s going on in your town, or even get involved in the planning at a community meeting.
  4. DIY an Earth Day event. Maybe there’s nothing going on near you for Earth Day; perhaps your town totally dropped the ball. Take this as an opportunity to create your own Earth Day volunteer event. Use social media to organize litter pickup in your favorite park. Start the ball rolling on transforming an abandoned lot into a community garden. Launch a fundraiser for a local nonprofit dedicated to doing good and protecting the planet. Get creative and include your community this Earth Day—after all, they’re the people with whom you’re sharing the clean air and blue skies. It only makes sense that you’d all work together to keep the earth in tip-top shape.

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