6 housewares for a greener kitchen

With Earth Day coming up, it’s time to evaluate how eco-conscious you really are. Perhaps you already do the major eco-friendly things, like recycling and composting. But do you think about Mother Earth when you buy a new set of glassware? How about when you stick half a lime in the fridge, knowing full well it’ll ultimately go to waste anyway? Here are a few green products that will help cut down on the kitchen trash, contribute to sustainability efforts, and, in some cases, look awesome on your dinner table:

  1. OXO GreenSaver containers. Maybe you’re already doing everything right, including eating mostly local, organic fruits and vegetables, but you simply can’t eat an entire bag of lettuce or bag of carrots before it goes bad. That’s where OXO’s GreenSaver containers come in. They absorb ethylene gas, which actually emanates from fruits and vegetables to ripen them, but can cause them to spoil quickly. They also control humidity and airflow to keep produce fresher for longer.
  2. EcoSmart Purelast Mixing Bowls. Instead of enlisting traditional plastic for your mixing bowls, why not invest in a set of recycled ones instead? Architec makes this line of Purelast mixing bowls from 98% recycled, natural materials, and they’re safe to put in the dishwasher. They also feature unique textured bases, which means they stay put while you’re mixing.
  3. AreNaturals tumblers. Going green necessitate a sacrifice when it comes to style. These beautiful cobalt tumblers are proof. They’re crafted from recycled glass that was once a Skyy Vodka bottle, but you wouldn’t know it from just a glass. They come in a set of four breathtakingly blue glasses, which are thick and durable enough to withstand a fall, but you’ll probably handle these beauties with care anyway.
  4. (re)zip storage bags. Swearing off all plastic storage and switching exclusively to glass may be an eco-friendly move, but not a practical one if you have to lug around your lunch all day. Instead, try these reusable Ziploc-style bags by Blue Avocado. They’re free of harmful ingredients like BPA, PVC, and lead; they double-seal to prevent leaking; and they keep food fresh. Plus, you can stick them in the freezer.
  5. Farberware Food Huggers. Maybe your main problem in the kitchen is that you’re constantly throwing out half a cucumber or a lone wedge of lemon. Farberware’s Food Huggers are silicone caps that fit snugly around the end of your half-used veggies, keeping them fresh without wasting plastic wrap. They’re also BPA-free and can be put in the dishwasher.
  6. Bambeco root wood appetizer tray. Bambeco supports sustainable forestry by repurposing the stumps left behind after eco-friendly logging as this beautiful appetizer tray. It preserves the texture and aesthetic of the fir wood with natural-looking edges and ridges, turning your servingware into an environmentally conscious focal point. Bonus points for this piece because it is handcrafted by a talented woodworker, which means each and every tray is slightly different than any other.

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