How to Maintain a Green, Eco-Friendly Apartment

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Eco-friendly apartment living is beneficial to the well-being of the environment and to the financial well-being of a green activist. Environmentally conscious brands aim to deliver green-friendly products that can help save the planet while dramatically reducing energy costs for consumers. An eco-friendly makeover of an apartment can reduce monthly expenses, increase tenant health, and improve environmental conditions in the area.

Apartment upgrades that reduce the amount of environmentally damaging products are relatively easy to do and payoff with long-term benefits. One quick fix is replacing old incandescent light bulbs with efficient, fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs use around 75% less energy and can have a lifetime ten times that of standard incandescent models. Furthermore, by keeping indoor light usage to a minimum, tenants can dramatically reduce their electricity bill and save some serious cash.

Global warming may increase the temperature in certain geographies so many are forced to turn on their air conditioning to keep cool. To battle the heat in an eco-friendly way, residents can open their windows and use energy-efficient cooling fans that regulate interior temperatures at a low cost. If the apartment is still feeling stuffy, then find some interior plants that complement the décor of the unit. Vegetation in and around the apartment has numerous health and decorating benefits. For example, planting vegetable gardens is a smart way to save money and can improve dietary habits by steering individuals away from less-healthy snacks. Indoor plants, on the other hand, serve as natural air filters and help remove toxins from the air, providing clean air for residents to breathe.

Eco Friendly Apartment Communities

Leading by example, many San Francisco apartments have adopted a paper over plastic recycling strategy that aims to maximize paper bag usage and eliminate plastic bag use in communities all over California. Numerous other west coast areas are joining the fight to convert complexes to eco-friendly havens, like a group of Seattle apartments that store and use recycled rainwater to nourish grass and gardens located on the grounds.

More common eco-conscious practices that should be incorporated into everyday living are paper, aluminum, glass and plastic recycling. Recycling old liquid containers puts money in the pocket of environmental-minded individuals and contributes to a worthy cause. Empty ink and toner cartridges can earn a high payout when they are disposed of properly, and it is strongly recommended to dispose of all electronics at properly designated locations. Recycling is a win-win situation that benefits the wallet, the community and, most importantly, the environment.

Whether you are living in a busy metropolitan complex like Avalon at Bowery Place or a more rural area, there are easy fixes that can make your living quarters more eco-friendly. If you have suggestions to make your complex more green-friendly, than put a proposition together and discuss it with your apartment manager and fellow residents. Proactive approaches to eco-friendly living will improve living conditions for current residents and generations to come.