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As August melts into September, temperatures drop, leaves begin to change, and football fans get ready to draft their top fantasy football picks for the upcoming season. If it’s your turn to host this year, time to start planning. Follow these four steps to make 2017’s fantasy football draft the best one yet.

  1. Create a war room. If you’re not going to a bar for draft day, then you at least want to bring the energy and excitement of the bar to your apartment. There are a few ways you can do this. First, consider investing in an NFL Fantasy Football Kit. It comes with everything you need to start drafting, including a massive draft board with stickers for each player (in their team’s color) and extra labels to write in new players and “teams” (a.k.a. the names of your buddies participating). Second of all, consider cleaning up a bit. We’re not saying you have to buy a garland of cutesy paper footballs, but it wouldn’t hurt to splurge for some football-themed paper plates or order official NFL plastic cups bearing the logo of your favorite team.
  1. Go above and beyond with drinks and snacks. Maybe you and your crew usually just clink a few Bud Lights before the game, but this is draft day. It’s basically the Super Bowl. So you’d be well within your rights to splurge a little bit on the refreshments. Opt for craft beer, instead, maybe from your favorite local brewery. In terms of snacks, order some wings from the best sports bar in town—maybe a few pizzas, too—and throw some sweets into the mix—brownies, cookies, and maybe even some football-themed cupcakes.
  1. No one enters without a laptop or tablet. In order to stay on top of what’s going on in the football world, which requires up-to-the-minute updates on players, every drafter really needs some sort of device. A laptop or a tablet is ideal here, since phones aren’t quite as reliable, even on the WiFi. Plus, everyone can mark down their picks as they go using an app or another tool on their device.
  1. Invite only your crew. You might be tempted to get everyone you know in on the draft day fun, but this really isn’t the time to make new friends. Tensions can run high when it comes time to pick your fantasy thing, and only true buddies know how to rib each other without things turning sour. Just one person who can’t keep his smack-talking in check, and the whole vibe of the fantasy football draft party can change. Take draft day as an opportunity to hang out with your oldest and most sports savvy friends, not a chance to extend your social circle. There will be plenty of time for that when the regular season rolls around. For now, focus on the task at hand with your closest circle of friends around you.

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  • August 23rd, 2017
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