How to host a fundraising event when you don’t have the space


When you’re put in charge of a big fundraising event at work or through an organization you support, a lot of pressure is put on your shoulders to carry off the bash without a hitch. And if you live in an apartment, that’s pretty impossible to do in your own space. That doesn’t mean you should pass off the project, though. There are still plenty of options for fundraising events outside of your home, and they’ll rake in just as much money for a cause close to your heart as if you hosted yourself. We’ve compiled a list of the most creative fundraising as a guide for your next charitable bash:

  • Happy hour. Throwing a fun happy hour event at a local bar is a surefire way to drum up some donations for your favorite cause. Holding your event at a convenient location where it’s easy for people to float in and out after work boost the chances of more folks showing up—and promising booze doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Dinner out. Many chain restaurants already have programs in place for fundraisers. If you can find one nearby that will allow volunteers to stand in for servers, your charity could rake in up to 20% of the profits that your makeshift wait staff made for the eatery. If you can cut a deal with a local independent restaurant, you might end up taking home even more of the money for your cause.
  • Night at the park. Local parks and other public spaces are often available for events, whether it be a family reunion or a fresh-air fundraiser. Consider reserving a large pavilion or an entire park (if possible) to host your event. Small, independent businesses in your town might willing to host, too, if it means getting their yoga studio or boutique some free publicity. There’s no better way to find out thank just asking around.
  • Wine tasting. If you’re lucky enough to live in the same town as a vineyard or winery, a wine tasting might be just the ticket for your fundraising event. Again, local and independent businesses will probably be most excited about joining in for the cause, since it gives their company more visibility in the community. Lure people to your event with wine and cheese and watch the donations roll in. If the winery is able to throw in a sommelier to aid in the wine tasting, even better.
  • Art show. Does your city boast a funky art gallery—or maybe a whole collection of them? Then you have another opportunity to hold your fundraising event in a cool public space. Host a special art show at a willing gallery, and feel free to get creative with what’s on display. For instance, if you’re hosting a show to raise money for your child’s preschool, then you could hang the kids’ artwork and have the parents “bid” on the pieces. Of course, if you can find local talents willing to donate to the cause, you can also sell more professional masterpieces to attendees.