Picking party decorations you can keep around and use again

Picking party decorations you can keep around and use again

Anyone who’s ever thrown a party knows that one of the most difficult aspects of playing host is cleaning up afterward. If you’re like most party hosts, you probably drop a lot of cash on disposable decorations, dishes, and utensils only to toss them in the trash. True, this is more convenient the evening of the party, but not so much in the long run.


For one thing, it’ll probably pain you to throw out those mountains of trash. Secondly, the next time you throw a bash, you’ll have to go out and buy another set of supplies all over again. So instead of choosing single-use decorations, opt for items that you can hang onto for the next soiree. Here are a few tips for choosing multi-use party decorations.


Keep the Central Hues Simple

If you choose a classic color scheme for your party, then it will be easy to repurpose decorations for the next big event. You can’t go wrong with the simple black-and-white combo. If you buy the major decorative pieces in black and white, then you can easily add one-time accents that suit any special event. For instance, purchase a black-and-white-striped tablecloth and spruce it up with red and green dishes for a holiday party or add an assortment of cupcakes in blue or pink for a gender-reveal party.


Opt for Reusable Items

Speaking of that tablecloth, skip the cheap plastic type. Go for a linen or cotton tablecloth that you can use again and again, even when you’re not throwing a party. Keep in mind the less-is-more mantra and steer away from flashy patterns or too-bright colors. Again, go for simple and classic hues. You should also opt for standard ceramic plates, typical utensils, and glasses instead of cheap plastic versions. If you want something special for the party, create a mismatched dish set by picking and choosing your favorite pieces at local thrift stores.


Choose Decorations That Reflect Your Style

When you’re out and about picking up decorative pieces for your party, don’t just consider the specific evening’s theme. Think about the overarching theme of your apartment. If you can find a tablecloth or decorative banner that matches both, great. If not, you should probably choose your year-round style over the party theme. As long as your new wall hanging or wreath outside looks festive, it’ll keep with the vibes of the night. And then you’ll have a new embellishment for your apartment long after the last guest leaves.


Repurpose Decor for the Next Party

Inevitably, you’ll have to pick up some party decorations that aren’t going to hang around your apartment year-round. But that doesn’t mean you have to toss them. With a bit of creativity, you can repurpose them into something useful for your next party. For instance, take old streamers and slice them up into confetti to sprinkle across the buffet table at the next bash. You can find some more DIY ideas here.


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  • May 24th, 2018
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