Simple holiday decoration ideas that fit into an apartment

Holiday Decorations

Changing a home’s decor for the holidays is something that many people embrace. It helps to create a festive mood for the season, and enlivens the somewhat dreary colors of the outdoors in the winter through the addition of the shimmering glows of silver, gold, red, and green. No matter how small your space is, you can create a home scene of holiday cheer in your own apartment. Take a look below for some of the great ways you can decorate your living areas for the upcoming holidays.

A small tree. You don’t need a big tree to get into the holiday spirit. In fact, you may only need a few branches. If you are looking to keep things natural, your local Christmas tree seller may be offering portions of trees. If not, there should be plenty of small-scale artificial trees available at your local hardware, garden, or holiday decoration store. Decorate your small tree just as you would a normal-sized tree. Add lights, garland, and ornaments to your liking, and display your tree proudly on an end or coffee table. If you think the tree is big enough to stand out on its own, leaving it on the floor will work too, so long as it will not get in the way of any foot traffic.

Display your plates. If you enjoy festive glassware and plates, use them as decorations. You can do this by creating a table setting that stays out throughout the season, or choose to dedicate a shelf to displaying your favorite pieces. Of course, don’t feel like you can’t use these items for their intended purpose. And as always, be careful with where you choose to display them — you don’t want any children or pets to accidentally knock them over.

A hanging display. If you have extra ornaments, garland, and lights, and don’t know what to do with them, try creating a decoration that can hang. This piece can hand from a window, wall, or ceiling, and you will have full control over how it looks. Use suction cups or removable hooks to ensure that this decoration won’t fall on someone, but do display it proudly.

Wreaths. Speaking of hanging, don’t be afraid to incorporate some more natural green colors into your decor besides your mini tree. Displaying wreaths can go beyond the realms of your doors. Hang them on your dining room walls, in hallways, and anywhere that could use a little indication of the holidays. Too many will make your walls look crowded and too busy, but the right amount will certainly make guests feel welcomed and cozy.

Shelf decorations. Switch out any of your everyday shelf decorations for holiday-specific ones. Vintage ornaments that may be too fragile to hang still deserve to be displayed during this time of the year, and giving them a place on a shelf is a great way to do it.

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