Summer Decorating Ideas


As soon as spring temperatures begin to set in, it’s only natural for your thoughts to jump ahead to summer. Spring showers will soon give way to summer sunshine, and when that transition unfolds, you’ll need to be ready. It’s not just your summer wardrobe you need to think about; your apartment’s decor will need a quick refresh too. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your place just in time for summer.

  1. Just add seashells. If you already have any kind of collection on display, or even a bookshelf stocked with your favorite novels, there’s one simple swap you can do to create a beachy vibe in your apartment. Simply replace the pieces in your collection with decorative seashells and driftwood. If you don’t already have any type of collection in place, then create a vignette on the coffee table or find another subtle way to incorporate a few seashells into your decor.
  2. Try colorful stripes. Stripes in bright shades automatically give off a summery vibe, and there are many easy ways to throw a few into your home without making any major investments. Grab a roll of painter’s tape and some fabric paint at the craft store, then use the tape to create ribbons of color on a white tablecloth, cushion covers, or pillowcases for your throw pillows.
  3. Bring wicker furniture indoors. With a new coat of paint (or spray paint), your wicker chairs and tables can transition seamlessly from outdoors to indoors. The introduction of wicker into your living room, dining room, or even bedroom will automatically conjure up images of sunshine. You might almost be able to smell the fresh summer breezes while you lounge. If you decide to paint your pieces, pick a hue that not only complements your existing color scheme but also brings some extra sunshine into the space.
  4. Rethink your vases. It’s no secret that fresh flowers create a summery vibe in any home, but the vase in which they’re housed can actually do just as much work. If your current floral accents reside inside heavy ceramic vases or simple glass containers, it’s time to add a little bit of personality to your vases. Instead of the standard, try a vintage pitcher that you find at the thrift store, opt for a cute mug with a portrait of a summer’s day, or even try a teacup if you just want to display a lone bloom or two.
  5. DIY beachy candle holders. Another simple summer-decor hack: make your own candle holders out of mason jars or any similar clear glass jars. It’s as easy as adding an inch of sand to the bottom, sticking a small white candle into your mini beach, then setting them alight in the evening. If you listen closely enough, you might just be able to hear the ocean waves lapping at the sandy shore when you have these beachy candles flickering in your home.

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