How to Throw a Totally ‘70s Theme Party

70s 1970s Theme Party

One of the best ways to entertain guests in your apartment home is to throw a theme party. Everyone loves a theme, especially one where they can dress up and strut their stuff, so what better theme besides one that hearkens back to the good old 1970s?

With bell-bottom pants, big earrings, and groovy dance moves, there is a lot to love about ‘70s parties and nightlife. We have a few words of advice for those who are interested in throwing a ‘70s themed party on their own, so read on for details and pull off a perfect party in your apartment.

Seventies-Style Decorating

Let’s start with the most important part of the themed party planning: the decorations! A ‘70s-themed party is nearly impossible to pull off without some kind of disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Disco or mirror balls are a great way to instantly set the mood and will tell your guests that you mean serious seventies business. Disco balls vary in size and can be rented or purchased. If your apartment is on the smaller size, try picking up a mini disco ball, which will work just as well as a larger one.

The walls of the party space can be decked out in ‘70s-style posters, including ones featuring popular bands and movies like Saturday Night Fever. One of the key posters of the decade was the iconic Farrah Fawcett poster, but don’t stop there. Go wild with black light posters or ones that feature the biggest pop culture icons of the time, like the Bee Gees and The Brady Bunch. Check online in advance of your party and order a couple of posters to spruce up the space.

For more decor ideas, consider the eternally-adored lava lamp, fog machines, strobe lights, beaded curtains, and black lights. The way to any ‘70s lover’s heart is a burning stick of incense, the scent of which will quickly set the mood. Again, if your space is small, remember that a little goes a long way. If you really want to make your space feel like a true ‘70s pad, consider investing in some beanbag chairs for the party.

1970s-Themed Drinks and Party Tricks

Serve throwback drinks that had their heyday back in the ‘80s, like the Harvey Wallbanger or Tequila Sunrise. Scribble some ‘70s trivia on index cards and spread them around the room to create some lively conversation among your guests.

If you want your guests to feel like they are really and truly thrown back into the ‘70s, serve them period-appropriate food, such as Jiffy Pop Popcorn, Tang, TAB, fondue, Twinkies, and Lipton sour cream dip. Consider purchasing a vintage cookbook and recreating some of the best (and worst!) recipes from the decade!

Groovy ‘70s Tunes and Games

There’s something timeless and special about the music of the ‘70s. An essential element of any party is the music, so choose your ‘70s tunes carefully. Some of the top hit musicians of the time include Donna Summer, Kool and the Gang, Thelma Houston, Anita Ward, Larry Levan, Cheryl Lynn, and the Gap Band, but, of course, just about any disco will do.

There were some really excellent party games that the folk of the ‘70s employed to have fun at parties. Try a costume contest or have everyone dress as the most famous TV characters or celebrity couples of the time. Other party games include “Name That 70s Tune,” hosting a disco dance contest, “Learn the Hustle,” or the ever-popular Ouija board.