5 impressive, inexpensive party decor ideas

5 impressive inexpensive party decor ideas

When you have a party coming up, as the host, there’s a lot to of prep to do. You have to make the guest list, come up with a menu, and, of course, decide how you want to decorate. Before you know it, you’re spending hours agonizing about every detail and shelling out more cash than you’d budgeted. Keep it simple and DIY one of these affordable-yet-cute decorations instead.


  1. Ice Cream Cone Balloons [HGTV].
    Perfect for a children’s birthday party or a summer bash, these ice cream cone balloons take the sweet frosty treat and send it floating above the cake table. Start by picking up a bunch of helium-filled balloons from the grocery store in your chosen “ice cream flavors.” Then, using brown paper bags, trace a circle and draw criss-crossing ice cream cone lines onto it. Curve the circle into a cone and affix it to the balloon with the string running through the bottom pointed end. Then anchor your balloons and enjoy the oohs and aahs.
  2. Confetti Wall [DIY Network].
    Nothing says “it’s time to celebrate” like a shower of multi-hued confetti. Splash an entire wall with temporary confetti if you want to avoid the mess of the real stuff. This craft is extremely simple. Just pick up a rainbow of different cardstocks and a large hole puncher, if you don’t already have one. Punch the paper into lots of smaller circles. Then scatter the circles across the wall using a temporary, no-damage adhesive, like a putty or a removable sticky strip.
  3. Photo Posters [Your Local Drugstore].
    If your party honors a special guest, make him or her the star of your decorations. Find a drugstore or big-box store nearby that prints out photo posters — spots like CVS and Walmart do — and design a few to hang on the walls. You can typically upload your photos online and have them sent directly to the photo department at the store. The staff will print them out and have them ready for you to pick up in as little as an hour, all for just a few bucks.
  4. Popsicle-Stick Table Runner [At Home in Love]
    Bring a pop of color to your table with this DIY popsicle-stick table runner. Repurpose old popsicle sticks you’ve stockpiled or grab a package of them at the craft store and use painter’s tape to connect them in a long, thick line. Then add a dash of water to a container of acrylic paint and use your paintbrush to drip splashy polka dots onto the runner or just leave them as solid colors. The result will be a cute, colorful accent for your serving buffet or dining room table.
  5. DIY Chalkboard Signs [Hostess with the Mostess]
    If you want some chalkboard signs for your serving stations, but don’t feel like spending $5 a pop, craft these simple, cheap alternatives instead. With just embroidery hoops and chalkboard vinyl (available at the craft store) you can DIY these chalkboard signs. Prop them up or hang them next to your snacks and beverages so that party guests know their options.