5 Tips to make a bright and well organized playroom

Baby's bedroom

Playtime is crucial for a child’s physical and mental development, which is why the space where they play is so important. If your playroom is looking like it could use a little fixing up, try these five tips to create a more enriching, organized environment!

1) Make things accessible. As you probably know, kids can change their mind on a whim. Therefore, it’s important that you make sure all your child’s playthings are within reach. Keep shelves and bookcases close to the ground to prevent any mischievous little ones from attempting to climb to get a toy. If you must use a tall piece of furniture, try to keep toys off the top shelf, or at least the ones that your child tends to play with alone. Don’t forget to anchor any and all furniture to the wall! The more accessibility your child has to all of his or her toys, the more likely they will play with a wider variety of them.

2) Label clear bins. Clear plastic bins may be the most essential part of a playroom. These bins are easy to open, which is great for tiny hands. They show your child what is inside before reaching in, which can pique their curiosity, not to mention add color to the room. Even better, they’re easily labeled, so that as your child learns to read, he or she can associate what toys go where. This can empower them to clean up after themselves, which can save Mom and Dad  a few backaches! Similarly, you could distribute brightly colored baskets and bins around the room to catch extra toys.

3) Keep it simple. In an effort to make the playroom as relaxing as possible, keep the clutter out. Don’t add any unnecessary furniture, as it takes away from playing space. A few simple and sturdy chairs built for children as well as a table for coloring or board games and train sets might be all you need in terms of a seating arrangement. The previously mentioned shelves can go against the walls in a way that promotes organization and maximizes storage. For example, if you have mismatched bookcases, use one for only action figures and dolls and the other for only games.

4) Floor space is fun space! The floor is where imaginations soar. Maximize the area where kids can play by keeping the center of the room as open as possible. Decorate the floor with colorful rugs, especially those with patterns that encourage play. The colors of these rugs should complement the walls in a way that makes the room look bigger, which helps to emphasize the freedom and possibility the room holds for your child. If you have younger kids, consider laying down soft foam tiles.

5) Maximize natural light sources. Even the smallest windows should be emphasized in a playroom. Natural light makes a space more inviting by adding brightness without being harsh. Of course, you may want to add a cool, whimsical lamp into the mix for after-dinner fun.

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