6 shows to marathon for days when it’s just too hot

6 shows to marathon for days when

Some summer weekends are meant for trips to the beach, brunch enjoyed out on the patio, and outdoor concerts. But when the temperatures really heat up, staying inside with the air conditioning becomes a more appealing option. On these hot days, treat yourself to a round of binge-watching an old favorite or a trending new release. Here are six shows to stream this summer.


  1. The Office (U.S.)
    No matter how many times you’ve watched Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute’s musical production of Straight Outta Scranton, it really never gets less hilarious—or cringeworthy. And that’s basically how you could sum up the entirety of the series of The Office. If you’re a longtime fan of the show, spend this summer catching up on the early years of Jim and Pam and the antics of Dwight and Andy. If you’ve never seen the show, there’s no time like the present to learn why a docu-style sitcom about a Pennsylvania paper company enchanted such a massive audience.
  2. Breaking Bad
    From a paper company in a sleepy Pennsylvanian city to a high school chemistry class in Albuquerque, it might seem like Breaking Bad would be on par with The Office in terms of plot twists. But nothing could be further from the truth. The man at the head of that chemistry class, Walter White, drastically changes course when he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer. He teams up with a former student to craft and deal meth in an effort to provide for his family posthumously, and five-season rollercoaster ride ensues.
  3. Mindhunter
    This new Netflix series only has one season so far, but due to its early popularity, you can definitely expect more binge-watching opportunities in the future. It stars Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford, a fictional version of real-life FBI agents who pioneered the concept of the serial killer and criminal profiling in the ‘70s. You can devour the entire first 10 season in a single day if you’re dedicated, and you’ll meet some of the creepiest serial killers who ever existed along the way.
  4. Seven Seconds
    Although this Netflix original only hit the streaming site at the end of February, it’s already generating a lot of buzz for its timely and poignant storyline. It follows the aftermath of a hit-and-run that leaves a teenage African American boy in Jersey City dead. It’s revealed early on that the accident was perpetrated by a white police officer, and as investigators and the boy’s family close in on him, a cover-up within the police force continues to deepen.
  5. Dark
    Some of the best thrillers originate in other countries, and Dark is no exception. It’s imported directly from Germany, so there are two ways you can watch: with subtitles or dubbed English dialog. Either way, you’ll quickly be thrust into a small German town where two children have disappeared under mysterious, maybe even supernatural circumstances. Watch the tale unfold—at least, for one season—as you enjoy your AC.
  6. Arrested Development
    If you like your binge-watching a little lighter, you can’t go wrong with a critically acclaimed comedic classic like Arrested Development. The cult hit boasts such a fanatic bunch of viewers that it was revived for a fourth season on Netflix. So you can watch hours and hours of the offbeat Bluth family navigating a series of unusual situations. From a corrupt father who simply won’t stay put in prison to a brother whose hook-hand, the result of a violent encounter with an ocean seal, never seems to stop shredding things, the characters on this show are outlandish and hilarious.


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