Holiday Window Decorations

paper snowflake

You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas rolls around to break out the decorations. Every holiday can be cause for celebration and DIY decorations with these simple, artsy projects. They’re tailored specifically to window frames, so they’re easy to put up and take down as the seasons and holidays change:

  • Valentine’s Day. DIY your way to a more festive Valentine’s Day with this heart-adorned garland by Living a Frugal Life. The post shows you how to arrange paper hearts hanging from string or ribbon after simply cutting them out of a printed paper (you can also just use red or pink construction paper if that’s all you have on-hand). Intersperse them with beads and link each dangling portion to a thicker string, which you can easily hang from a temporary hook.
  • St. Patrick’s Day. Get ready to celebrate St. Patty’s Day by filling your window panes with shamrocks. DIY blog Hands on as We Grow shows you just how to do it. Simply lay down a piece of contact paper, sticky side up, and let your little one decorate it with glitter and scraps of green tissue paper. Once he’s done, cut out shamrock shapes and tape them to the windows. Natural light filters through for a fun, festive effect.
  • Spring. Before the Easter Bunny hops up to your house, greet him with these tissue paper eggs in the window, courtesy of Creative Juice. It’s as easy as cutting an Easter egg out of tissue paper, adhering multi-colored strips to the front, and then cutting excess from the edges. Use heavy laundry starch to stick them to the window. You can add grass and a shining sun to complete the scene.
  • 4th of July. Make rockets fit for Independence Day and hang them in the window with inspiration from the Simplified Bee. Just decorate toilet paper tubes (or paper towel tubes cut in half) with patriotic paper and ribbon, cut out a cone and affix it to the top, and then display the rockets in the window. Use whatever red, white, and blue paper, paint, or stickers you have on hand to embellish the rockets any way you like.
  • Halloween. This Halloween scene requires no artistic talent, just a printer. Heartland Paper offers huge templates that you just trace onto black paper to create spooky silhouettes. Then tape them to your window. The spooky scenes will really add something to the rest of your Halloween decor.
  • Wintry holidays. You can actually draw hot-glue snowflakes right on your window to greet Jack Frost. Let PopSugar show you how. The snowflakes are easy to peel off once spring comes. If you’re celebrating Christmas, try creating an unusual holiday tree out of different sized doilies, like this one depicted on C.R.A.F.T.


Attribution: CC BY 2.0/ Flickr/Ancella Simoes