Easy party dishes you can bring to a potluck

Easy party dishes you can bring to a potluck

If you love to cook, then you’re probably thrilled when you get invited to a potluck. It gives you a chance to experiment in the kitchen and show off your chef skills to your friends. Looking for some inspiration for your next potluck dish? Check out these easy, unique, and (mostly) healthy recipes that are perfect for sharing.

Buffalo Chicken Dip [Taste of Home]

“Healthy” might be a stretch for this Buffalo chicken dip, but “delicious” is not. This simple recipe calls for only six ingredients and even fewer steps to prep it. Start by slathering a one-quart baking dish with a layer of cream cheese, and then add some strata of cooked chicken breast, your favorite hot wing sauce, and either ranch or bleu cheese salad dressing. Cover these bottom layers with jack cheese, and then bake for about 20 minutes, until the top of the dip is gooey and bubbly. Serve with chips, slices of baguette, or even some celery.


Sunny Broccoli Salad [Midwest Living]

This salty-sweet salad is hearty enough to round out a potluck meal even if it’s the only side that shows up. Start by whipping up your own fresh salad dressing, composed of mayo, sugar, and vinegar. Add chopped red onion, raisins, and about seven cups of broccoli florets. Let that combination marinate in the fridge for up to 24 hours (but as few as two will suffice). Then toss in eight shredded strips of bacon and a half-cup of sunflower seeds for some extra crunch right before you head to the potluck.


Fresh Strawberry Salsa [EatWell 101]

Since strawberry season begins in April, it’s handy to have a good strawberry-centric recipe up your sleeve. This unexpected strawberry salsa will delight your friends, and it’s sweet enough to eat as dessert. Start with some fresh strawberries — bonus points if you find them at your local farmers market — and chop them into small pieces. Add minced red onion, fresh mint leaves, a bit of basil, a teaspoon of honey, and lime zest and juice. Then dust everything in black pepper and toss it together. Chill and serve with cinnamon-dusted pita chips or salty tortilla chips.


Tropical Chickpea Salad [Veggies Save the Day]

This meat-free salad is hearty enough to eat as a main course, so any vegetarian potluck attendees will thank you for bringing it. It also incorporates the summery mango, which will transport anyone who eats it to a warmer season. The simple recipe consist of a can of chickpeas, red onion and mango, chunks of avocado, and a bit of lemon juice, olive oil, cumin, and chili powder. You can also add some cilantro, if you like, and a dash of salt.


No-Bake Brownie Bites [Making Thyme for Health]

Potlucks need dessert, too, so volunteer to bring something sweet. These decadent brownie bites are super easy to make. They only require three ingredients, and no oven is necessary. The recipe begins the same way as your typical store-bought brownie: with a package of dry brownie mix. Combine the mix with melted butter and mini chocolate chips, then knead the mixture and roll it into small balls. Coat each brownie bite with dry chocolate pudding mix or powdered sugar for an extra dose of sweetness.