6 Benefits of spending time outdoors with family

joyful father and son having fun in pool, summer holidays

If you have a family, chances are good that you are always looking for more ways to spend time together. While there are plenty of options when it comes to this, there are arguably few that are more satisfying and easy to do than heading outdoors for an afternoon, evening, or even full day. Getting outside is more than just a way to get some quality time in; it actually has great benefits for both you and your family. Here are six benefits of spending time outdoors with your family.

  1. It helps everyone unplug. Now more than ever, even kids are feeling the effects of living in such a connected world. Between social media, the internet, television, and video games, it feels like we all are tethered to so many electronic devices. But in taking our activities outside, we can loosen the hold that these things have on us, helping everyone to communicate better and in-person. It also helps kids remember interesting, non-virtual ways to play, thereby enriching their minds.
  2. It helps relieve stress.It is easy to feel the difference a breath of fresh air makes. By going outside together, you and your family can decompress and feel more relaxed. This means tensions can be eased and the likelihood of bickering with and snapping at one another can be reduced. By improving your mood, it can open you up to more ways of thinking, and in general help you feel your best.
  3. It’s good for everyone’s health. Beyond aiding in stress relief, going outside in the sunshine can be a great source of vitamin D. Open spaces of any kind are also conducive to physical activity. Running around outside with your children sure beats heading into a stuffy gym for routine treadmill exercise.
  4. It releases pent-up energy. Are your kids having trouble going to sleep at night? Perhaps they’re rambunctious around the house, or have trouble concentrating in school. One reason these things are happening may be from a lack of physical activity. By getting outside with them, you can help them release the buildup of energy they are feeling, and instill within them the value and necessity of proper exercise. You need not do structured calisthenics or aerobic routines with them; just letting them run around with you and play games or blow bubbles may be all they need.
  5. It reinforces familial bonds. There’s no doubt that being together helps a family understand one another better, especially when it is in an environment that is conducive to relaxation. With less stress, everyone is more likely to get along, helping to strengthen that connected feeling we typically feel about loved ones.
  6. It establishes a positive connection with nature. Your guidance is so important to your children, no matter what you do together. Taking them out for a nature walk, or simply enjoying a park, can help establish the beauty and importance of nature, as well as encourage them to practice kindness to the environment and wildlife.

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