How to organize every space in your home

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Do you find that your home becomes disorganized from time to time? No matter which room you go into, you find belongings that are misplaced, or maybe you can’t find the things you need quickly and easily. You can prevent this by taking some time to fully organize your home. You can take on this organization project over the course of a few weekends or bang it out during a staycation, but the key is to maintain your hard work once you take the time to do it. For more on how to organize every space in your home, read this guide.

Get messy. Accept that things have to get worse in order for them to get better. To properly re-organize your stuff, you must first de-organize. That means taking everything out of its current place in whichever room you’re working on so you can properly visualize everything you have and decide what to do with it all.

Get rid of things. If you haven’t used something in ages, or cannot see its value, then you should get rid of it. This may sound daunting, but it’s the only way you can free up space in your home for proper organization of the things you actually use. The things that you want to get rid of should be donated, if possible, though some things you may be inclined to sell, while things that are broken can be taken out with the trash or placed in the recycling bin.

Match, don’t mix. This idea is simple, but it’s the backbone of organizing anything.  Things that are used for certain activities should go with each other; it’s the only way to create logic in your home. Doing this will help you find things when you need them, which is really the whole goal of organizing.

Make space. You may find that, even after getting rid of the things you don’t need, your home doesn’t quite have the necessary space for certain things. It’s then that you should invest in more storage containers, drawers, or shelves. Choose things that go with your home’s decor, but make sure to place just as much importance on function.

Give things a name. Labels are crucial to organization. By naming what goes in baskets, jars, and other containers, you make it easier for yourself and others to put things where they belong. Simple labels can be made with masking tape and marker, but you can buy your own stickers and personalize them to your tastes. The labels don’t need to be perfect in order to get the job done, though.

Be diligent. Once you’ve gone through all the work of re-organizing the spaces of your home, stick to the rules you’ve created. Put things back where they belong. Do not be afraid to change the places you store things if you find that they’re inconvenient or not working as you expected them to, but be sure you have a good reason and solution in mind. If you can make staying organized a habit, you will be less likely to have to massively re-organize again down the road.

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