Top 5 Stain Removers

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When it comes to fighting stains, there are many different approaches to take. Depending on the stain, where it landed, and what you have on hand, you might be tempted to MacGyver some type of stain-fighting solution based on an internet recipe. But if you always have all of the essentials in your cabinet, you won’t have to agonize over whether or not seltzer water is really going to get out that red wine stain. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best stain-fighting products from around the web, based on the praise of people who’ve actually used them, so make sure you to get these essentials in your laundry room ASAP:

  1. Pretreatment: Tide Boost Pre-Treat Spray. If you know before you’ve even thrown something in the washing machine that its new stain is going to be exceptionally stubborn, take action ahead of time. The Tide Boost Pre-Treat Spray will give your spin cycle a leg up against grass stains and grease. It only costs a few dollars (you can pick it up in the laundry detergent aisle at most grocery stores) and might be the difference between getting rid of your favorite pair of jeans and them surviving to sag another day.
  2. In the washing machine: Oxiclean Versatile. After you’ve spritzed some of the pretreatment spray on your stain, add a powerful detergent to your washing machine to finish the job. Oxiclean’s Versatile powder might be your best bet. Dump some of the powder in with your clothes, crank up the speed, and walk away. When you return, you should have a spotless load of laundry waiting for you.
  3. To-go: Shout wipes. You’re not always at home when a stain strikes, so it’s smart to have some backup in your purse or pocket. That’s where Shout wipes come in. They pack the same potent stain-fighting solution of Shout spray into a portable wipe form. The small packets are thin enough to slip in a spare fold of your wallet and, when deployed, can quickly eradicate a stain on the spot, no washing necessary.
  4. For carpets: WoolClean Carpet Spot Remover Kit. Stains can attack your carpet just as easily as your clothing. Maybe even more so if you have kids or pets. Some stains cling to the fibers of carpet stubbornly, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to remove. The WoolClean Carpet Spot Remover Kit breaks down the cleaning process into three steps and three separate solutions: a spot remover, a dry spot remover, and an absorbent powder. So no matter what type of mystery stain you discover underfoot, this system should be able to tackle it.
  5. DIY: Tidy Mom’s concoction. Many parents aren’t too keen on bringing complicated chemicals into the home, and if you count yourself among these parents, blogger Tidy Mom offers an alternative. Her DIY spot remover involves just two trusted ingredients that you probably already have on hand: Dawn’s concentrated dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide. Mix in a spray bottle and get to spritzing.

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