How to get good deals on great mattresses and linens

How to get good deals on great mattresses and linens

You spend as much time sleeping as you do at the office—more, if you’re lucky. And yet many people sacrifice comfort in the name of frugality. They spend a few hundred dollars on a subpar mattress or snatch up the cheapest set of sheets in order to stay on budget. But is your bank account really more important than comfort and quality sleep? The good news is that this isn’t really an either/or situation. You can stick to your budget and sink into a dreamy, cushy bed every night if you find the right deals on your mattress and linens.


Know when to buy

If you’ve never heard of White Sales, here’s a brief history lesson. They date back to 1878 when the staff at the Wanamaker department store in Philadelphia was brainstorming ways to get customers to brave the cold weather and do some shopping in January. The White Sale — an annual sale on white sheets in January — was born. The tradition eventually expanded beyond Philadelphia and now, more than a century later, many stores still offer sales on sheets in January.

When it comes to mattresses, however, you may make out better in May. Typically, mattress manufacturers debut their new models in the summer months. So come May, showrooms need to clear out last year’s inventory in order to make room. That means you’ll likely see deep discounts on lingering mattresses toward the end of the month. Memorial Day weekend also tends to be a popular time for furniture sales, so hit up the mattress store around this time for an extra-sweet deal.


Look for online sales

Buying a mattress online can be tricky since it means you’re not actually able to sprawl out on the bed and see if it suits your comfort needs. But if you take a trip to a showroom first and make note of the mattresses that catch your eye, then you can head home and do some comparison shopping. Check out online retailers like Wayfair and Overstock for solid deals on quality mattresses. You’ll probably be able to find the bed of your dreams for less than you think (and the linens to match).


Check out deal sites

Daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have pioneered an entirely new industry that rests solely on the shoulders of coupons. Take advantage of the daily deal craze by comparing prices on discount websites like these, too. You can often find high-quality items at drastically slashed prices—but the offers are only available for a few days at a time, so you’ll have to act fast. Keep in mind that you might not be able to find the exact brand or thread count you’re looking for on a site like Groupon since the inventory isn’t quite as vast as Amazon or comparable retailers.


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