How to make your own pet bed

sleeping kitty

Every pet owner knows that their dog or cat needs a special place to relax where they can feel safe and comfortable. Buying a bed from a pet store is one option, but if you have time, patience, and a little creativity, you can make a customized pet bed using easy-to-find materials. Use the ideas below to help you get started!

Create the framework with repurposed items. If you have an old cabinet, drawer, or suitcase, then you have an excellent frame for your pet’s bed. With these, all you have to do is decorate them to your liking and fill with the appropriate pillows and blankets. Small or large, it doesn’t matter: as long as your pet can fit in it, you can make it comfortable. You can also take scrap wood and build a bed frame yourself if you have the tools and the skills.

Integrate into your furniture. With some uncomplicated modifications, you can give an extra function to pieces of furniture you already use. Night tables, coffee tables, and cabinets that are close to the ground can all be converted into chic pet beds, again with strategic placement of pillows and blankets. This is a great choice if you have a particularly social pet, or would like he or she to become more social. By keeping their base in a location where people will be, it can help your pet to feel close to you. Of course, not every pet wants to be in an active area all the time, so assess your situation accordingly.

Keep it comfy. You’ve seen pillows and blankets mentioned multiple times now, and as you probably realize, a pet bed is not really useful without providing some sort of comfort to your pet. This could come in the form of things bought from a pet store, but you can also use old cushions from sofas and chairs, along with used children’s blankets to appropriately pad your pet’s bed. If you don’t care for the way the cushions look, you can pick up some fabric from your local crafts store and sew over it, or wrap an old quilt around it.

How far you want to go is really up to you. If you plan on having the pet bed in a less-used portion of your living space, you may want to consider using old clothes both as the cushioning and cover for your pet. Old socks can make for great stuffing in a handmade cushion, just as an unused sweater can act as either a blanket or a pillow cover. The possibilities are virtually endless in this category.

Don’t be afraid to do some trial-and-error testing; if your pet doesn’t like their bed, you can always alter it until you find the right set-up. Or, you can give it to a friend whose pet might enjoy it or donate it to an animal shelter.

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