Inexpensive St Patricks Day Decoration Ideas


Whether you’re planning to acknowledge St. Patrick’s Day by decking out your apartment or by having people over to celebrate, you’re going to need some festive decorations. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your home into the St. Patrick’s Day party mode. Not only that, these ideas are so easy that the kids can help, too. Take a look below at some decoration ideas that won’t break the bank.

Leprechaun hats. You don’t need to go to a haberdashery for this one. Create some cute little construction paper hats by following instructions that can be easily found online. They take only a little effort to make and are great party favors.

Banners. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, banners are a festive way to welcome guests to your celebration. Party stores tend to have these available for virtually every holiday, but you can make your own fairly easily using string, construction paper, and tape. Hang it up on a wall, over a doorway, or even from the ceiling. As long as it’s eye-catching, it will look great.

Paper shamrocks. St. Patrick’s Day would not be complete without shamrocks. Stencil them on that trusty construction paper, then cut them out and decorate as you please. These look great basically anywhere, including in the windows of your apartment, so don’t be afraid to get creative with their placement!

Create felt accessories. Get your guests into the spirit of the party with a party favor they can wear. There are a number of DIY instructions available on the internet to help you create pinnable felt shamrocks and other St. Patrick’s Day inspired projects that everyone will enjoy wearing.

Make use of printables. While you’re surfing the web for those instructions, print out some of the designs available for the holiday, many of which are free. Use these as stencils for iron-on patches, or frame them for display. Different printables will have different functions, so use them accordingly. Make sure your printer has enough ink to print everything out, or head to Staples or Office Max and use the color printers there.

Go for the gold. What looks great with green? The answer is gold. Gold accents not only help your decorations to pop more, they also are a fun reference to the leprechauns’ pots of gold. Strategically place your own “pot of gold” with chocolate gold coins somewhere in your apartment. Use it as a centerpiece so guests can easily help themselves to a sweet treat. If you have young children coming over, make it into a game: hide the pot somewhere, and let them discover it!

Have the partyware to match. No red cups for this party! Opt for paper or plastic cups and plates (for an easy clean up) that fit your party’s color scheme of green, black, and gold. As an alternative, white and orange will work well here, too, as they are the two other colors on Ireland’s flag.

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