Simple steps to reduce TV time at home


TV is a form of entertainment; it’s a news source; it can even make for good background noise in the room when you’re all alone. But as numerous studies have shown, too much TV can be bad for your health. That’s why, as with so many other things, moderation is key. If you’re looking to cut down on the time you spend in front of the television, follow these easy steps.

Create a schedule. Mark down the days and times of your favorite shows, along with any other special events you may want to view. Leave the TV off until those shows are on. Enjoy your show and turn your screen off after that. By only having the TV on during these times, you can prevent a binge-watching spiral.

Unplug in the bedroom. You can further minimize how much you watch by putting tighter restrictions on when and where you can watch TV. That means removing your bedroom set. That way, if you need to unwind before bed or try to fall back asleep, you can partake in some other kind of activity, like reading or listening to music, instead of flicking on the telly.

Engage in replacement activities. The less time spent in front of the television, the more time there is to enjoy other fulfilling activities! Those activities are up to you. You can spend your time doing simple things, like listening to music or reading, or more complex things, like organizing a game night with friends and family. You can also take this time to get some exercise, which usually feels better than mere channel surfing. You might find you won’t miss your TV time at all.

Get out more. Everyone experiences loneliness from time to time. Some people use the television as a replacement for social interaction or to break up the silence of living by themselves. But by making the effort to go see your friends or family, you can reduce the need to use the TV as a security blanket. You can even go out to cafes, bars, and other social places to meet new people, thereby giving you more opportunities to hang out (and not watch the tube) in the long run.

Unplugging from time to time can be a very liberating thing. Decreasing the amount of time you spend on screens in turn decreases your dependence on them for amusement. Try some of these tips in your own life; you just may find that you don’t need the TV as much as you think!

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