Spring decorations you can make for less than $10

Spring decorations you can make for less than 10

Spring is in the air. It’s also in the thawing flowers, the budding trees, and the lengthening days. So spring should be inside of your apartment as well. As the seasons shift, you can revamp your home decor by adding a few DIY’ed pieces. And if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to break the bank in the name of interior design. Instead, try making one of these cute crafts, all for less than $10 apiece.


  1. Twine-wrapped carrots [The Creek Line House]
    Do you have some old newspaper or magazines? How about packing tape? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’re already halfway to having everything you need for these cute, simple carrots. Just pick up some orange twine and faux green leaves, and you’re ready to go.

    Start by balling up the newspaper and shaping it into the rough shape of a cone around the stems of your leaves. Then set the paper in place by wrapping it in packing tape until it roughly resembles a carrot. After you’ve covered the entire “carrot” in tape, wrap the orange twine around the cone from top to bottom. Voila! Cute decor to perch atop a coffee table or end table.

  2. Spring flowers and photo frame “wreath” [HomeTalk]
    Anyone who loves to take something old and breathe new life into it will also enjoy crafting this unique “wreath.” It’s not the standard circle of greenery. Instead, you begin by finding a vintage picture frame at the thrift store. Refinish it with a paint in your favorite hue, perhaps a pastel evocative of spring. Then embellish the frame with one or two faux flowers in a lower corner and hang it with twine on your front door.
  3. Eggshell herb planters [A Healthy Life for Me]
    Spring is the season when fresh fruits and vegetables just begin to peek from the ground. You can bring the fresh ingredients right into your kitchen when you DIY these eggshell planters, which are the perfect size for cultivating herbs like basil.

    All you’ll need is half a dozen eggs and the carton, plus whatever you want to plant (some small flowers will work, too). Crack the eggs down the center and make yourself an omelet, then rinse out the inside of the eggs. Fill them with some potting soil and plant your herbs or flowers. Line them up in the egg carton and find a sunny windowsill where your DIY planters can live.

  4. Q-tip “flowers” [Homemade Ginger]
    True, this DIY project is technically for children. But given that it’s inspired by a decoration from Anthropologie, adults will certainly be able to appreciate the end project. Plus, if you’re not naturally crafty, you’ll still have no problem following the simple instructions to create these cotton swab flowers.

    Begin by gathering your materials: a few small foam balls, a big package of cotton swabs, food coloring in your favorite spring hues, and some faux flowers. Cut the swabs in half and stick them into the foam ball until the entire thing is covered — but don’t place them too closely together. Then, roll the ball in food coloring so that the swabs are saturated. Allow the “flower” to dry as you trim the stem from your store-bought faux flowers. Pierce the styrofoam ball with the stem and place three or four flowers in a vase to enjoy!