6 Appropriate thank yous for your pet sitter

6 Appropriate Thank yous for your pet sitter

While you would love to be able to care for your pet all the time, it isn’t always possible. Most people just get a few hours of quality time with their pet at the end of the day. And if you work long hours or go out of town frequently, you might turn over the responsibility of caring for your pet to a professional pet sitter. Whether you use an independent contractor or a doggie day care center, you might want to put some thought into showing him or her how much you appreciate the care they provide your furry friend. Below are six different gifts for your pet sitter that say “thank you” in a thoughtful way.

1) Pet supplies. While it might not seem like the most fun gift to give your pet sitter, it will certainly be appreciated! Your pet sitter takes care of a whole group of furry friends, and he or she probably go through more toys, treats, and other supplies in a few months than you might in a year. By giving them more pet supplies, you’re actually helping them to save money, which is certainly a thoughtful thing to do.

2) A gift basket. If you’ve used the same pet sitter for a while, you’ve probably built a rapport with them. Use that to pick out a gift basket that will appeal to them, or create your own based on some of their favorite things. Get creative! If your pet sitter is a movie buff, give them a gift basket containing movie theater gift cards, candy, popcorn and a few DVDs. This shows that you value your relationship with them, and really appreciate the role they play in your pet’s life.

3) Homemade human treats. If you love baking or cooking, how about whipping up something special for your pet sitter? Try to find out if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies to create something they’ll really enjoy. You can score extra points for creativity if you have a pet-related theme, like cookies shaped like cats.

4) Cash. While some people might think this is a lazy gift, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Giving your pet sitter a little extra cash is a great way to show your appreciation. You’re acknowledging that the quality of their work deserves a little something extra, and they’ll be happy to have the additional money.

5) A cleaning service. When you hire a pet sitter who will be driving your pet around or bringing them over to their home, you’re also potentially contributing to messes in their car and house. No one likes to think of it this way, but it’s the truth, and something that all pet sitters know. So, help them clean up! Giving them a gift certificate for a cleaning service is a wonderful way to show that you respect their space and the dedication they show to your pet.

6) A spa day. There’s no question that it takes a lot of energy to be a pet sitter, so help them recharge with a spa day. If you find that giving them professional spa treatments is a little pricey, opt to build a basket of things that will give them the feeling a spa day at home. Think fancy lotions, bubble bath, and maybe even a bottle of wine.

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  • February 16th, 2017
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