Guinea pigs: the perfect apartment pets

Guinea Pig

Having a pet is not only fun, it actually offers health benefits for humans. Some studies show that people who own pets have a lower heart rate and blood pressure. Pets have shown to be able to reduce stress and improve people’s social lives, too. If you live in an apartment, you may think you can’t have a pet, as many complexes do have restrictions. However, there are many pets that are ideal for apartment living, and the guinea pig is one of the best. These furry, four-legged critters are cute and easy to take care of, not to mention brimming with personality, making them perfect for apartment-dwellers. Read on for a closer look into what makes guinea pigs so great.

A cage is all the living space they need. Unlike cats or dogs, guinea pigs don’t need much space to thrive. In fact, an eight square-foot cage is all you need to house a pair of them. Or, you can create an out-of-cage, cordoned-off living area for them in your apartment, or you can let them roam free, but make sure your pet will be safe before setting him loose in your space.

Guinea pigs are nocturnal. You don’t have to worry about your guinea pig getting lonely during the day, because that’s when they typically sleep. This is great if you work during the day or just have a busy schedule. When you come home, you can feel good knowing your little buddy is ready to play after a good day’s sleep.

They’re just as social as other pets. Guinea pigs generally love cuddling and playing in the same way that dogs do. But since guinea pigs are so much smaller, playtime has less of a chance of turning into a mess. You can set up tiny obstacle courses for them, or even dress them up in handmade costumes. (Check Etsy for some cute ones.) They can also will calmly sit in your lap and be petted. Guinea pigs are essentially game for just about anything you want to do.

They’re clean. Guinea pigs can actually be “toilet trained,” which can make cleaning up their waste quick and easy. This level of cleanliness extends to other parts of their lives. They clean themselves, meaning you only have to give them a bath if they look dirty or smell. If you plan to keep them a cage, you’ll find that they’ll do a good job at keeping it neat and tidy. On top of that, those cages only need to be cleaned once per week.

These are just a few reasons why guinea pigs are the perfect animal companions for people living in apartments. Visit your local pet store today and see how fun these adorable creatures can be!

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  • September 28th, 2016
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